Blow Me A Goodbye Kiss

Walking around the streets of London with a boy behind your back is kind of cute. Until you realize he's not what he looks like



*Liam's POV*

Katherina, oh Katherina why did I ever leave such a beautiful girl like you!? I sighed and went home to the boys. They all heard what I said and we made a huddle. "We'll help you get over her mate. We will stick together till the end." Said Harry. They made a group hug around me. I smiled. "Hey, let's go to Italy! We've had amazing moments there so why not?" Said Niall. We all nodded and started packing. We finished and left to the airport. The fans went wild. We paid for the tickets and waited. The moment arrived and we got in the plane. We sat down and horror filled my eyes. Katherina and Ed were right in front of me. Making out. FUCK! "Damn..." I said. "What's wrong mate?" Asked Zayn. I pointed at them. The boys gasped. Lou got up and went to them. "Excuse me, but what are you doing here?" He asked Katherina. She looked at him, "if you're here that means...." She got up and turned around. I waved at her. "What are guys doing here?" She asked concerned. "We are going to Italy to make him get over you!" Said Lou "what are YOU doing here?" He asked. "Ed has work to do here so since I'm his assistant, I have to come along." She said. They all looked at me. "Can we be adults here? We're all going to Italy. That doesn't  mean we have to be together." I said. They all nodded and returned to their business. We left and waited to get to Italy.

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