Blow Me A Goodbye Kiss

Walking around the streets of London with a boy behind your back is kind of cute. Until you realize he's not what he looks like


3. A Very Beautiful Night With Ed

Ed kissed my neck. His lips were warm and soft. I couldn't help but moan. He rubbed my sides. His touch sent shivers down my spine. He turned me around and kissed my lips. He took off his shirt and shoes. I took off my shoes and my shirt. He blushed deeply and kissed me again. We walked to the bed and he pushed me gently onto it. I was super turned on right now. He crawled up to me and kissed my neck again, this time biting was involved. I moaned softly. He took off my bra and smiled. He leaned in and licked my nipple and I moaned a bit louder. While he licked and sucked my right nipple, he played with the other one. I was a moaning mess. He stopped and took off his jeans. I blushed deeply and looked at him. He crawled up again and rubbed me through my shorts. I moaned his name. He put his hand inside my pants and panties and slid a finger inside. His finger was cold. "Ooohhhh Ed..." I said. He smiled and took off my shorts and panties. I blushed deeply and licked me while fingering me. "Aahhhh... Ed..." He smiled and pulled away. "You're so beautiful, Katherina." Ed said to me. He took off his boxers and looked at me. I nodded in approval and he slid into me. He groaned at my tightness. The last time I had sex was with Liam. 


"Liam!" I laughed. We were drunk and in our room. He was naked and making funny poses. He kissed me and and undressed me. He fingered me roughly. "Ugh!! Liam!" I moaned. He smiled and rubbed my clit. My body was shaking. He licked me. "LIAM!!" I moaned. He kept licking me. "fuck Liam!" He stopped and slid into me. I screamed and he fucked me hard. "Ahhh fuck! Right there Liam!" 

~Flashback ended~

Ed was gentle. I moaned. "Ohhh Kathy!" He went faster and deeper. "Ed! Oh yeah!" I said. My orgasm was close and his too. He kept going. I clawed his back as I screamed and came hard. Ed came deep inside of me. We panted. He slid off of me and lied down next to me. I cuddled with him and we fell asleep.

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