Camp Direction *Complete*

Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream of possibly becoming a real band come true. There's one thing though, the owners of the camp are the hot new boy band: One Direction. And they fall head over heels for these girls, but the girls have hearts of stone.


24. Hanging With Riley

*After Lunch*

Riley is leading the way to his house. "Where were you this morning?" he asks.

"Harry needed help with something and asked me to help him," I really need to get my lying problem under control.

"Oh, were you moving something?"

"Yeah. Some drum sets. I've got the muscles," I smile.

He laughs, "I bet you do."

"So, what are we doing today?"

"Well, I thought we could talk. Maybe start thinking of a song for when our songs can collaborate."

"Like a song we make up?"

"Yeah," he laughs. "I've always to write a song."

"So have I." We walk the rest of the way in silence. It takes around five minutes, and it's lovely outside. Both of us walk up to the front door. Riley opens the door. I walk in, then he does the same.

"Look familiar?" he asks while shutting the door.

"Just like ours," I walk over and plop down on the couch.

"Thought so," he walks over and plops down next to me.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Let's just start with little facts about ourselves. Then keep going."

"Sounds good."

*A Couple Hours Later*

"You're crazy," Riley says through laughs.

"Shut up!" I squeal. A smile on my face. "I'm just a tad different," a laugh escapes my lips.

"A tad? You know more about that then a boy."

"I said shut up. And there's nothing wrong with liking Pokémon. It helps me be more creative."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, really."

"Let's test that out. Time to write a song," he hops off the couch.

"Where are you going," I sass.

"To get some paper and pencils, Pikachu."

"Oh, don't tease me."

"Too late," he walks out and returns moments later with a stack of paper and a few pencils. He put them on the coffee table and sits back down next to me.

"So, do you have any ideas?"

"Well, I want to use the lyrics; I could use a little less, then put something there."

"Like, I could use a little less sunlight in the morning?"

"Yes, that's brilliant," he writes it down.

"Told you I was creative."

"Come on. Just let it go."


"You're never going to let it go?"

"Not now, not ever."

That's when out of nowhere, Riley tackles me. "Never ever?"

"You were wrong, I was right," I smirk.

"I admit, I was wrong."

"Do I get a prize?"

"Um, sure." Then his lips crash down onto mine. He's a good kisser, but not as good as Harry. I don't feel anything. No sparks; nothing. He pulls away and I look at his face. Red as a tomato. Then I feel my face turn red.

"Thanks for the prize. Now, please get off me," I give a half smile.

"Sorry," he climbs off me. Both of us get back into sitting positions.

"Now, back to the song?"

"Yeah, back to the song."

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