Camp Direction *Complete*

Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream of possibly becoming a real band come true. There's one thing though, the owners of the camp are the hot new boy band: One Direction. And they fall head over heels for these girls, but the girls have hearts of stone.


63. Don't Regret A Thing

*Warning-kind of sort of sexual content at the end. You have been warned.

~Olivia's POV~

Liam and I are packing things to take to the bonfire at Harry and Amber's beach house. "I can't believe you have matching 'Toy Story' beach towels for us," I smiles as I fold the beach towels and put them in my beach bag.

"I got them one weekend when we were doing interviews. I'm glad you like them."

"How couldn't I? They're so adorable."

"You're adorable," Liam places on last thing into the bag. Then he brings me into a hug. "So very adorable."

"Thank you Li. You're adorable too."

"Thanks Livy. Hey, there's something I've been meaning to tell you."

"What is it?"

"I love you," he holds me out by my upper arms. "A whole lot and I wanted you to know."

I smile, "I love you too. A whole bunch."

Liam smiles at me and then gently connects our lips. I love his kisses. He's a great guy, and I never want to leave him.

~Emily's POV~

"I can't wait until we can roast some food at the bonfire," I lick my lips.

"Can't we have just one marshmallow," Niall pouts, giving me puppy-dog eyes.

"No Niall, you can wait a little longer."

"I can't."

"Well too bad."

"You're mean."

"And you're a whiner."

His face goes from sad to evil in a few seconds, "Em, come here."


He comes to me and in a few seconds picks me up, "Why can't you just obey?"

"Put me down!" I squeal.

"Hold on," he walks to the living room and tosses me onto the couch.

"You're crazy."

Niall gets on top of me, "Same to you, babe."

I stick my fingers in his hair. "Are you gonna kiss me or what?"

"Well, looks like I have to kiss you now," his lips crash down onto mine. His kisses are the best. I can't explain why I love them so much, but I do. "I love you, Em," he mumbles.

I smile and I think he gets that as my 'I love you' as we continue to kiss.

~Amber's POV~

I'm in the shower getting ready for the bonfire that's happening over here in a few hours. We're gonna roast hotdogs and marshmallows and just have a good time together. We leave this place tomorrow afternoon; then it's packing the rest of the day. But I'm living in the moment right now.

"That's what makes you beautiful," I sing out. Keeping to the beat. I love the boys' voices; they are such amazing singers.

The song ends and I wait for the next song in my playlist to start when I'm scared by someone. That someone is Harry, and he scared me by joining me in the shower. "Hey babe, sorry I scared you," he kisses my shoulder.

"Get out. What do you think you're doing anyway?"

"It's your birthday, remember?"

"Oh gosh, so we're, you know?"

"I was hoping," he kisses my neck.

"I'm not really sure, Harry," I can feel something press up against the back of my leg. Oh gosh.

"Is there something you're afraid of?"

"Being hurt."

"Buttercup, I would never, ever hurt you." He spins me around to face him. His eyes look into mine; not at my body, something other guys would do. "Never. I'll never hurt you. Is that clear?"


"Okay. Now just focus on me. Nothing else, just me," his lips crash onto mine. I'm focusing on him. Not what's he's gonna do. Just on how great a boyfriend he is.

Harry pushes me up against the shower wall. Out of the line of water. Seconds later nothing can be reversed. I've lost it to the most amazing guy I've ever met. And I don't regret a thing.

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