Camp Direction *Complete*

Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream of possibly becoming a real band come true. There's one thing though, the owners of the camp are the hot new boy band: One Direction. And they fall head over heels for these girls, but the girls have hearts of stone.


52. Date Week Part 2

*The Next Day-Late Afternoon*

~Delaney's POV~

"I'm glad you decided to come today," Louis smiles. We're walking through the park to wrap up a perfect day. He made me lunch and we watched a movie. Now we're out in the fresh air just walking and talking.

"I'm glad I came, too," I say.

"Okay, you know as well as me that I like you."

I smile a little, "I figured that out by all the texts. I've almost regretted letting Amber give you my number," I look up at him.

His face becomes a light red, "Sorry. I just wanted you to go on one date with me so I could get to know you. And you could get to know me."

"No need to be sorry, most of the time I was glad you texted. Now look where we are." Then out of nowhere, I grab his hand and look forward again.

"Yeah, look where we are," the smile on his face can be heard in his voice.

"So, is there anything you want to ask me?"

"Oh, um, yeah."

"Well, spit it out."

"I don't want an answer today. Think it over for a few days. Anyways, the question. Will you be my girlfriend?"

I open my mouth to answer, but then shut it. Think of what to say. "I'll get back to you as soon as I can Louis. I can promise you that."

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

~Sarah's POV~

I'm home alone. Olivia, Emily, and Amber at their boyfriends' house. Delaney is out at the park thinking about something she said she'd 'tell me later'.

A knock comes at the door. "Come in!" I call out. The door opens and closes and footsteps enter the living room. I don't look up from my place on the recliner to see who it is.

"Hey Sarah," Zayn's voice fills my ears.

I look over at him, "Hi Zayn. You can sit on the couch if you like."

"Thanks," he sits down on the couch and I follow him with my eyes.

"So, what' up?"

"Well, I was just sitting around, when I thought I could come visit you."

"That's very kind of you."

"Um, I was wondering, next Friday, wanna go on a date," he gives a sexy half smile.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe."

"You know you want to get out one night. Please come with me. We'll have a nice dinner at my room. Seeing as that's the day we'll be doing the music video day. Then I can walk you back to your room. What do you say?"

I frown and think for a few seconds. Might as well say yes and get it over with. He'll just keep coming back again and again. "Sure. I'll go out with you next Friday for dinner. Sounds...Nice," I say truthfully.

"Okay, great," Zayn smiles real big.

"So, next Friday. What time?"

"An hour after we wrap up the first day of filming," he stands up. "Wear something nice."

"Will do bad boi," I smile.

He smiles back, "Goodbye Bad Girl. See you next Friday. One hour after, don't be late."

"Sure won't."

*The Next Day-Late Morning*

~Amber's POV~

"Thanks for making brunch, Harry," I put another piece of omelet in my mouth.

"You're welcome," Harry smiles.

I swallow, "They're really good." I put another piece in my mouth.

"Thanks Buttercup."

"I heard Louis asked Delaney to be his girlfriend. She's thinking about it. And Sarah has a date with Zayn."

"The mates are getting through to them."

"That's true. Very slowly, but they are knocking down the walls around their hearts."

"Only a matter of time now before we're all taken."

"I wonder how long that'll be," I take my last bite. "Oh, what are me doing tomorrow?"

"Nothing, I though you and the girls were gonna hang out."

"I think we are. Same with Sunday. We need to work on our second single that we'll preform next Saturday."

"Sounds like a plan. Can't wait to hear your next single."

"I can wait to hear your new album," I smirk. "Whenever that will be."

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