Camp Direction *Complete*

Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream of possibly becoming a real band come true. There's one thing though, the owners of the camp are the hot new boy band: One Direction. And they fall head over heels for these girls, but the girls have hearts of stone.


42. Collaborating Week Part 1

*The Next Day-Afternoon*

"It would be an honor to collaborate with your band," I tell Riley. We're walking from the recording studio building to the mess hall.

"That's great."

"How's Connor? Does he have a girlfriend like you and Toby?"

Riley lets out a laugh, "Actually, he does. Her name is Ally. Sam introduced her and Connor. They're great friends. They are even a duet. They call themselves Unexpected."

"Oh, I've heard of them. Ally is really pretty." Ally has straight, blonde hair to the middle of her back; blue-gray eyes; around five foot; 16 years old.

"She's pretty crazy, too. Once you get to know her."


"A nice girl. She and Sam are cheerleaders back home at their high school."

"That's cool."

"So, tomorrow our bands will practice together?"

"Sounds like a plan," I turn to jog home. No longer wanting whatever everyone else is having. "See you tomorrow, Riley!"

*The Next Day-Early Afternoon*

"This is so much fun," Delaney says.

"You guys memorized the song quickly," Connor says.

"Now, on Friday, we can sing it from the beginning to the end," Sarah says.

"Exactly how we will Saturday," I say.

"Why not Thursday?" Toby asks.

"Amber is going to be practicing her duet with Harry," Emily says.

"The rest of us will be figuring out who will be singing what in the song we wrote," Olivia says.

"That's awesome," Riley says.

"You guys have the rights to your song, right," I ask.

"Yeah. The lads helped us," Connor answers.

"One Direction?" Delaney confirms.


"We'll do that once we have everything sorted out," I say.

"We can't wait to hear you song," Toby says.

"You'll love it," Sarah says.

"I don't doubt that," Riley says.

*The Next Night*

"So, you'll sing with the BYE band. Then after a few songs, we'll sing. Right?" Harry asks.

"Correct," I take another handful of popcorn.

"Sounds good."

"Mmhhm," I say through the mouthful of popcorn.

"You're so cute," Harry kisses my cheek.

I swallow, "So are you."

"So, we're practicing tomorrow?"

"Yeah. It's the only time we can."

"Okay, I'm looking forward to it."

"So am I. This week can't go by fast enough."

"You've been so busy this week."

I lean into him, "Sorry, so much practicing. Figuring out our song. I miss you."

"It's okay. Our date is Sunday. The date will make up for everything."

"It will. It so will."

Harry gives me a kiss, "You're wonderful."

I smile, "Thanks."

"Should we get on to bed?"

"Yes, let's go. We've got big things to do tomorrow."

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