Camp Direction *Complete*

Amber, Emily, Olivia, Delaney, and Sarah make up the girl band Dangerous. They won their way into a camp for aspiring singers and others in the music business. They are so happy to finally have they dream of possibly becoming a real band come true. There's one thing though, the owners of the camp are the hot new boy band: One Direction. And they fall head over heels for these girls, but the girls have hearts of stone.


10. A Day At The Park Part 2

*Delaney's POV*

Louis is pushing me on the swing. "I like your shirt," Louis says.

"Thanks," I say.

"Do you play an instrument?"


"Can you say sentences longer than one word?" I can hear the smile in his voice.

"If I want to."

"There you go," he laughs. And I laugh with him. "You have a pretty laugh."

"Not really."

"You're right, it's beautiful." My face heats up and I'm glad Louis is standing behind me. "Can I ask you more questions?"


"Good. 'Cause I love the sound of your voice."

*Olivia's POV*

Liam and I are crouching by a pond. Liam's trying to catch a turtle. "So, you like turtles?" I ask.

"Yeah, they're cute," he smiles. Then he actually grabs one. "Yes," his smile grows even bigger.

"It's so little. Your palm is bigger than the little thing."

"That's what makes them cute."

"Can I hold it?"

"Sure," he hands me the turtle.

I handle it with great care, "Adorable."

"Not just the turtle."

"W...what?" my face heats up quickly.

"The turtle and you. Just adorable."

"T, thanks," I smile.

*Amber's POV*

"It's a beautiful day today," Harry says.

"It is," I let out a sigh.

"I don't want to rush you into anything, but wanna come swimming in two days? The night before the next free day."

My breathing quickens, but only for a couple of seconds. Control Amber, control. "I don't know. We just met. It sounds too much like a date."

"I've noticed you tense up when I flirt or ask a question like that. What's wrong?"

I tense up, "Nothing."

He puts his hand on my knee and leans forward a bit, "No its not. Please tell me."

I turn away from him, tears already forming in the corners of my eyes. "I said nothing."

Harry picks me up and sets me on his lap. An arm under my knees; the other under my back, holding me up. "Let it all out babe. Tell me," his voice is so soothing. I want to tell him what's wrong. Should I?


Oh no, what's she going to do? Hold it all in or let it all out? I'd love to know what you think she'll do.  

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