Cheesey Love Dreams

just something I wrote for a laugh :). what can I say? it just popped into my head :P xx


1. Cheesey Love Dreams


We first met at that picnic,

When I was just two,

Mom had drank too much cider sooo..

she ran off to the loo;


Nan said we'd wait to eat,

Just until she got back,

And I did... for a while...

Then I thought... just a snack.


I reached into the basket,

and pulled out a box.

it was filled with small cubes,

like tiny, yellow, rocks.


I popped one in my mouth,

And my tongue was a-blaze!

My mouth was encompassed...

With a flavour maze!


I swallowed and I knew,

Although I was so young,

My true love was here,

And we'd met at my tongue.


As the years went by,

I knew you more and more,

You told me of wensleydale,

And blue rathgore...


camembert, gouda,

edam, brie, mozzarella!

Oh now I have you,

I will never need a fella!


When the Doc broke the news,

that my lactase was low,

you said you'd never leave me,

you'd never let me go!


Through the snot,the runny eyes,

I will always stay true,

lactose intolerance, go to hell!

This cheese aint for you!


So we'll always be together,

through thick slices or thin,

my guiltiest pleasure,

my 'well worth it' sin.


Polly may want a cracker,

but I just want you,

whether we're on the balcony,

enjoying the view.


Or alone, in my bedroom

Enclosed, out of sight,

we'll have cheesey love dreams,

all through the night.

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