the irresistible

19 year old Destiny Cruz moves to California to study for photography. She brings along her 17 year old sister Jari as well. while getting the feel of Cali life the girls bump into a group called The Boy band Project, from there everything begins.


2. new acquaintances

(destiny pov)

     We found our apartment. The area is very nice very beachy and busy. We walk in to our apartment, which is furbished all ready. its was very modern, surprisingly because the area was beachy. Jari and I love it. Since we don't have to do anything and since jari's already graduated we decided to head down to the beach. I changed from my airport outfit to a yellow fringed top ,with high waisted shorts and my white gladiator sandals. My hair was in a messy bun, and I put on a black waterproof eyeliner. Jari decided with a green triangle topped bathing suit with a long maxi dress.

(destiny pov)

     As Jari and I were walking along the beach I had my head phones in listening to The Boy Band Project. Then suddenly I bumped into someone and fell into the sand. " Oh my god are you okay, here let me help you up" a worried voice he said. I looked up and it was Zac Mann from BBP, I saw his hand come torward me I let him help me up. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. Then he said "um sorry about that", I replied "no, no it was my fault I wasn't paying attention ". he smiled then asked "so um that song was Pretty Brown eyes?". I freaked I didn't know that the music was that loud. I said "umm yeah im a really big fan, to tell you the truth I'm happy and nervous to meet you ". He grinned at the words I spilled. "ah im glad your a fan, you seem real chill um would you like to meet up with the rest of the band , you can bring your sister too " he said shyly while rubbing his right side of his neck. "really?! and thanks we'll come along" I said excitedly.

(Zacs pov)

     wow shes so pretty ,she has brown eyes, long brunett hair and her smile is really cute. I cant belive I already like her and its been only 10 minuets and I don't even know her name. "oh um I didn't get your name ?" she replies in "oh haha that's right my name is Destiny and this is my sister Jari ". Her name fits her so perfectly, what is wrong with me ? how do I like her already?! we just met..

(Destiny pov) I pull Jari to the side so hopefully Zac wont hear me say this "Jari I think I like, like him ".Jari smiled "ha-ha I knew that already remember he is your favorite ". I walk back to Zac and act like me and Jari never had that conversation. I ask Zac where we plan to meet the rest of BBP. he replies "um at this ice cream shop, its only 3 minuets from where were standing" he smiles and starts running. Me and Jari look at each other confused and run after him. I ask "Why are you running?!?!" he replies "because we'll get there faster " with a sly grin on his face.

We finally reach the ice-cream shop, :)



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