the irresistible

19 year old Destiny Cruz moves to California to study for photography. She brings along her 17 year old sister Jari as well. while getting the feel of Cali life the girls bump into a group called The Boy band Project, from there everything begins.


1. Moving to California

    (destiny pov)

      I wake up to the strong smell of coffee. I hurry out of my bed and take a warm shower. Once I get out of the shower, I throw on in an oversized batman t-shirt with galaxy tights along with my studded convers. I hurry with a bit of foundation and mascara, making sure I have enough time to pick up my sister from my parents house to make the flight to Cali. I jump into my grey Mitsubishi, an speed off to my parents house.

     (destinys pov) I turn into the driveway, get out of the car and nock on the big wood door. No one answers so I get out the spare key and open it my self. Once I open the door I hear "CONGRATULATIONS!". I step in and its my mom, dad, sister (with her suitcase), and my lil brother. I smile and say "what's all this for??". My mom answers "well since your moving and now can support your self and your sis we thought a lil small surprise wouldn't hurt :) ". I was happy and grateful for what my family did, but I have to hurry and get going to catch my flight. I said my farewells and promised there won't be trouble. Then me and my sis hopped into the car and drove off to the airport.

     (destiny pov) I got my car to be flown to LA then I'm going to pick it up as soon as we get there. Jari and I walk into the plane and sit in our seats. I listen to my favorite song by The Boy Band Project (pretty brown eyes) and slowly fall asleep.

     (destiny pov) "ding, ding, united airways is now departing In Los Angeles, we hope you enjoyed your flight." I wake up as soon as I hear the announcement. I poke my sister till she wakes up. a few minuets later we land. I grab my stuff from the carry on and walk off the pane carefully with Jari. we look for the suit cases and after we go to pick up my car. we get my small grey car and try to jam in all are things like how we did before. I look up the directions to my apartment located around Venis Beach, and we head off.


(thanks for reading ^_^, I promise it wont be so slow later lol )



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