A summer to remember

It is summer time again at rockport beach. The sand is hot, the water's refreshing, And the atmosphere is lively. Amber lee is looking for a summer romance. When the members of
One direction stumble upon this little oasis, they meet amber along with her best friend Georgia. With friendly pranks,devisation,late night bonfires, and the summer they will never forget, for the best? Or worse? Read to find out ;)!


2. We meet.

It was around 12:00 pm when the regulars,campers, and store owners where all starting to come into the grounds. I saw alot of people i knew. Like Jesse, Billy, jenna, tori, and caden. Georgia and I where handing out camp maps and greeting people when we stopped dead in our tracks. Me and louis tomlinson where only 2 feet away from eachother... "Can i see one of those maps for a second, love?" I handed him one shakily, then i saw the rest of the boys come behind louis. I made eye contact with niall. He was more handsom in person! We smiled at eachother then harry broke the ice " this is a really nice beach, and your name is..." "Amber lee, and this is my best friend georgia." They all smiled and said that they where going to have a bonfire, at cabin 5, then they all went back to the main cabin. When they where out of ear shot georgia and i started jumping for joy. We where so excited for tonight. 


When the night approached. Georgia and i where in my room getting ready for the night. I had on my small grey Arizona state sweater, black leggings, and my ankle height uggs with the fur folded over. Georgia had on a fitted rockport hoodie (tyedyed), black leggings, and tan lace toms. We both straightened our hair and put on some make up. We got our flash lights and headed out the door.


** georgia and amber lee's convo **

G "are u excited?"

AL "yeah but a bit nervous, i kinda want to talk to niall tonight"

G  " yeah im nervous too, and you guys should be able to hit it off, i kinda want to talk to liam. But i want to get to know them all aswell."

AL " ya me too, oh here it is cabin 5!"


** back to fanfic **

As we walked up the mini trail to get to the cabin i remebered that this was the most luxurious cabin at rock port. It was huge! And the most beautiful cabin i have seen. We knocked on the door to be followed by no answer. So we walked out back to find the guys around the camp fire with guitars singing little things. They stopped when they saw us. Only to smile, gesture to come sit, and resume the song. This was going to be a fun night.


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