A summer to remember

It is summer time again at rockport beach. The sand is hot, the water's refreshing, And the atmosphere is lively. Amber lee is looking for a summer romance. When the members of
One direction stumble upon this little oasis, they meet amber along with her best friend Georgia. With friendly pranks,devisation,late night bonfires, and the summer they will never forget, for the best? Or worse? Read to find out ;)!


1. Opening day

"C'mon amber-lee! Wake up don't want to be late for opening day." I had totally forgot about it, the opening day at rockport beach! I quickly jumped out of bed only to land straight on the floor of my bed room. I got up and headed to my closet. I pulled off my pj's and slide into my tie dyed rockport tee, my white shorts and orange toms. I took my hair out of the bun it was in only to find that my hair looked like a big blonde thing of road kill! I brushed it out turned on my straightening iron and did the best I could. I put on some light make up and headed down stairs. My two little brothers max and kodi where playing video games (as usual) and my mom was making breakfast. My dad was getting things together down by the beach volley ball court. He has been really stressing out trying to make our beach the best it can be for our regulars and new guests. It was fully equipped with a camp ground, play area, board walk with stores of all kinds, beautiful beach on the "coast line" (we call it) of rockport lake, and cabins for our richer guests and year round locals. I always meet new people every summer and have so much fun,

! But this year I was hoping for a summer romance. For us to fall in love instantly and everything to be perfect. I soon realized I was starring out into space while my best friend Georgia was talking on and on about how our summer should hopefully play out.

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