Little Things

Peyton is a 19 year old girl who lives alone, when she meets a curly haired boy will he change her life forever or will she just move on? Read to find out!

This is my first story and I really hope you like it!!!


18. Little time with fans

~10 minutes later~

 "ding dong"

Harry's here!

I ran and grabbed my purse and got the door.

Harry was standing there with a big smile on his face.

"Hey Harry!" I said

"Hey! Are you ready to go?" He asked.

"yeah!" I answered.

"alright!" Harry said

 I got in his car and we arrived at a cafe. We walked inside and OF COURSE there were a group of girls who looked at Harry and SCREAMED!

"uhh, do you mind if I go get pictures with them and sign a few things? I will be RIGHT back..." He said.

"um yeah it's fine!" I said

"I'm sorry" he sighed.

" Harry it's alright! Go make them happy!" I said. 

 He smiled at me and walked over to the girls, they were so excited.

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