Little Things

Peyton is a 19 year old girl who lives alone, when she meets a curly haired boy will he change her life forever or will she just move on? Read to find out!

This is my first story and I really hope you like it!!!


2. Little Talks

"would you like to...erm...sit down?" I asked him

"I would love to." He said while sitting down

We talked to each other and gave each other our numbers. He's really sweet.

But then the worst happened......

   "CRAP IM LATE FOR WORK!!!" I yelled

"oh my gosh I'm so sorry for keeping you from leaving is there anything I can do?" He asked

"Well there is one thing..." I said smiling

"what would that be?" he said smirking

"text me later."  I said laughing

"I was going to anyways" He said

And of course that made me blush a little

"I think it's really cute how you blush

I smiled at him and then we said our good byes far this has been the best day ever.....


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