Little Things

Peyton is a 19 year old girl who lives alone, when she meets a curly haired boy will he change her life forever or will she just move on? Read to find out!

This is my first story and I really hope you like it!!!


9. Little shopping

When I woke up the next morning I grabbed my phone, it was 10:30 so I got up and took a shower. Since I didn't have work today I got some breakfast and watched tv for a little bit. I texted Sterling.

me: hey I was wondering if you wanted to go to the mall and shop for some clothes because Harry and I are going out to dinner tonight. And I NEED something to wear...

I waited a couple minutes later and she answered me

sterling: I would love to because me and Louis are going to go out and I also need something to wear.

me: great I will pick you up soon

Sterling: Kk 

I got ready and went to go get Sterling. 

We got to the mall and we tried on some clothes and then we finally found some outfits and left.

when we got back we just chilled out and ate a late lunch. 

" I'm really excited about tonight." I told Sterling.

" I bet you are!" Sterling said

" we need to do my makeup! And hair!" I said

we ran into my room and she did my hair then I did my make up. 

Then I put on my outfit and waited for Harry.

I got a text from Harry saying he is on his way, so I really couldn't do anything because Sterling left about 15 minutes ago

 I'm so excited


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