Little Things

Peyton is a 19 year old girl who lives alone, when she meets a curly haired boy will he change her life forever or will she just move on? Read to find out!

This is my first story and I really hope you like it!!!


4. Little love

 "well I guess she does!"I said

 " I will text her right now..." I said while texting her

A few seconds later she answered.

"she said she would love to come!" I said

"YAY!" Louis screamed

" why are you so excited Lou?" Harry questioned 

"umm....." Louis said

Harry and I looked at each other and laughed

           ~a few hours later~ 

Harry wrote down his address for me to drive to but I had to get Sterling first.

 When I got to Sterlings house she opened the door with a BIG smile on her face, she is OBSSESED with one am I.

  While we were driving to Harry's house, I turned on the radio.. And what makes you beautiful came on so you KNOW we were rocking out to that.

When we got to Harry's house we knocked on the door and Harry opened it and Louis came running behind him.

Louis and Sterling haven't stopped talking to each other.... Their so in love.....



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