Living with one direction

An 11 year old girll named Hollis attended a one direction concert with her friend Peyton. There was a raffle contest for publicity and experience for the band how to care for a child. Hollis won this raffle. She is going to be living with one direction for one month.


7. Trying to get to know you

It's my third day. My room is set up. Everything is alright. Except, I didn't really know the boys. They were nice to me,their girlfriends were nice to me, but they didn't know me. That's probably why. I knew I should just talk to them but I didn't know what to say.

I told Peyton  all of this. 

She said that I should just calm down and suck it up. Yup. I knew she would say something like that. She's awesome. I did what Peyton said I should do, I just went to the living room where they were.

" Hi guys, I just came to live with you guys and stuff, but I haven't really gotten to get to know much about you guys." I said. They understood and agreed. "Ok" said harry. " wht do you want to do?" " I don't know, what do you guys want to do?" I reply. They didn't know either.

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