Living with one direction

An 11 year old girll named Hollis attended a one direction concert with her friend Peyton. There was a raffle contest for publicity and experience for the band how to care for a child. Hollis won this raffle. She is going to be living with one direction for one month.


2. The results are in

While Niall was about to pull  the contest winner I was shaking in excitement, but me and Peyton doubted we would win. But then the unthinkable happened. "Hollis Emereld section F2 seat 11 is our winner!" At that moment me and Peyton where stunned at the news then a giant smile formed on my face."While your in England, you HAVE to face time me".Said Peyton."Absolutely, where are we supposed to go?" I asked. "You mean where YOU'RE supposed to go?" "Yeah" I replied. We all sat there and waited for someone to show me where to go while Peyton's mom called my mom to fill her in on what happened. A security guard came up to us and lead us to a room to tell us more information about going to England.

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