Living with one direction

An 11 year old girll named Hollis attended a one direction concert with her friend Peyton. There was a raffle contest for publicity and experience for the band how to care for a child. Hollis won this raffle. She is going to be living with one direction for one month.


14. Spending time

The boys agreed with Eleanor and took me to the water park. I'm not a roller coaster person only some I like. I could get on all the slides except one. It's when you go in this capsule, then it counts down to  from 3,then the floor drops, you drop down and go through a loop. You have to weigh a Sertain weight to go through the loop without getting stuck. My sister who is 15 road it and went real slow at the top of the loop. She's really skinny but heavier than me so I definitely would not make it through. I got on a ride callee stealth with Lou. Stealth: you drop down on to a giant white half pip and go side to side. I got on the toilet bowl with Niall. The raceing slides are these three slides. Ones yellow,purple, and blue. I got on the purple one. Harry got on the blue one and Liam got on the yellow. Eleanor came later there was a ride that six seats on it. Me,Elle, Lou, Zayn anod harry rode on it while Liam was going to ride next while Harry sat out. I had lots of fun. When we got home, we showered and went straight to bed.


*later that night* 

 "Get away from me" I scream as six arms wrap around me as I scream bloodcurdling scream over and over. I was slammed to the ground causing the wind to get knocked right out of my lung. I cough and cough. I saw a extremely pale face. It was white as snow, in a black tuxedo. I knew exactly who it was once I saw him I was being attacked by slender man,my wearst nightmare. 

Woke up screaming at 4:30 in the morning. Louis rushed into my room. "What's wrong are you ok?!" Them the rest of the boys rushed in. "Y-y-yeah I'm fine just a bad dream" I studdered. "I'll take care of this guys"Lou said. Louis walked over to my bed and crawled in. He put his arm around me. Dusty Harry's cat is living with us. He jumped up on my bed and curled up next to me. I was still shaking. "Do you want to talk about it? He asked "no" I say  "ok" he says. " it's ok " he whispers. Repeatedly. I started to calm down. "Are you ok now?" He asks me. "Yeah"I say. He gets out of my bed. "Can you stay here tonight Lou?" I ask. "Yes" he said. He crawled back into my bed and I lay my head on his shoulder. We soon both fall asleep.

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