Living with one direction

An 11 year old girll named Hollis attended a one direction concert with her friend Peyton. There was a raffle contest for publicity and experience for the band how to care for a child. Hollis won this raffle. She is going to be living with one direction for one month.


18. Save the date it

It was my third week in England. One more week and I'd be gone. I feel like I've been here for like 3 days.

 I was sitting on the couch watching sponge bob and was on Instagram when Harry walked down the stairs into the kitchen. I could smell his cologne from 3 yards away. It smelled good so I wasn't complaining. "What's the occasion?" I ask Harry scaring him. "You scared me, I didn't know,you were sitting there!" Said Harry. I laughed and he smiled. "Soooo?" I say. "I'm going on a date" he said proudly.

"With who?" I asked. "With Kendall" he responded. "Kardashien!" I say astounded. "Yeah, you a fan" Harry asks. "No, but my sister always watches their show." I say. " I didn't know you had a sister." Harry says.

 "Yeah I have two. Ones 15 and the oldest is 17. I'm the youngest." I say.

"hmm cool" he says . " not really" I respond.

"well I've got to go" Harry says.

"ok, have fun" I say.

"thanks bye" Harry says half way out the door.

"bye" I yell.

*2 hours later* 

 It's 10:00 pm.

 Harry just got back from his date. He had a grin on his face. 

 "Sooo, how was your date?" I ask

"wonderful" Harry responds.


 I text Peyton about all of this, she nearly flipped. She's a huge Harry girl. I need more information, MISSION RAIDING HARRY'S DATE IS A GO!! 



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