One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


2. wow! my wish came true!

Jade's POV

my dad, mom, and i ate 1/4 of the cake. it was HUGE.

''i'm going to put my new neclase into my bedroom.'' i said with a smile.

''i'm really glad you like it!'' my mom said.

''i'm mostly glad because of the price.'' my dad said.

''tom!'' my mom said.

i just laughed as i walked up stairs. i heard talking. were was that coming from. i listened to the noice. it was coming from my room.. i grabbed my dad's baseball bat from my parents room and began to slowly walk to my room.

i kicked open the door. and 5 handsom men were standing there.

''what are you doing here?'' i asked.

''we live here!'' the curly hair boy said.

''um... no you don't..'' i said.

''i don't think she understands..'' the one with the shaved head said.

''oh. i'm Niall, That's Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Liam.'' the blonde one said.

''wait- are you the-''

''dolls?'' zayn asked.

''i can't belive it.. my wish... came true!'' i said.

i put my dad's baseball bat back and i put my new neclase in my jewlary box. i closed the door.

''so what now?'' liam said.

''wow, i really can't belive this. 5 boys, that tecancly i knew my whole life, are now real, i mean, now you guys can be my friends right? oh my god, i can't belive this is happening!'' i said.

''yes. we have always been your friends Jade.'' niall said.

''and we know everything about you.'' harry said with a wink.

''wow.'' i said.

but they can't stay here, i mean, my parents wont let 5 teenge boys stay here!

''so you guys, know how to use everything right, i mean like, your not going to like not know how to do anything becaus your dolls...'' i said.

''yup. we know how to do everything. you have played like house and stuff with us before.'' liam said.

''but, you guys can't let anyone know your dolls.'' i said.

''why?'' zayn said.

''because, no one will belive you!'' i aid.

''okay.'' zayn said.

''now were are you guys going to stay....?'' i thought aloud.

''we can get our own house?'' niall said.

''here. maybe, we can all get our own flats in a building and they can be near so we can haangout? i mean were all 18 or over..'' i siad.

''sure. but were is the money going to come from?'' louis said.

''my parents are rich.'' i said.

''oh yeah..'' louis said.

''here. you guys stay here and make no noise at all, and i'll o talk to my parents.'' i said.

i can't belive i'm moving out. i am 18 though.

i walked downstairs.

''mom, dad can we please talk?'' i asked.

''sure honey.'' my mom said.

''what is it?'' my dad asked.

''well, i wnat to, um move out..'' i said.

''what?'' my dad said.

''i want a flat at an appartment, because, some of my friends are sttaying there, but i offered, to help out a bit, since we have tons of mone, so they need money just to get the first couple months started....'' i said.

''well, i guess you are 18. and you made some friends?'' my mom said.

''yes.. 5'' i said.

''i would love to meet them sometime.'' my mom said.

''yeah. sometime.'' i siad.

''so how much do you need?'' my dad said.

''let me check how much a flat is..'' i said.

i looked it up on my Iphone 5.

it was 2,000 a month.

''well it's 2,000 a month, and i have 5 friends, plus me.. so if we could play for the first 2 months, that would be amazing, i would have the best parents in the world..'' i said.

''so 24,000?'' my dad said.

''yes..'' i said.

''well. since you are an A+ student you are sure to get a scalarship.. we have saved up 1 million for you.... so i guess you can use 24,000.'' my mom said.

''oh my god i love you guys so much.'' i said.

i hugged both my parents.

they really are amazing.

so my dad, mom, and I found an apparrment building, it is 10 minutes away from here, so it would take like 15 minutes to get to school.

''you move in today they said. your 'flat' as you call it, is room 100, and for your 5 friends, it goes on, like 101, 102, 103, 104, 105. '' m mom said.

''do you need any help moving in?'' my dad said.

''no she doesn't. they already have furnature there so she doesn't need to bring that kind of stuf. so just little nic-nacks and stuff. '' my mom said.

''well alright. i guess your off.'' my dad said.

m mom started crying.

''don't cry mum.'' i said.

''i'll just miss you.'' my mum said.

''i'll be fine. and i'm only 10 minutes away.'' i said.

''i know. do you need any help with the other stuff?'' my mom said.

''no, i'm fine.'' i said.

''alright..'' my mum said.

''i'll miss you guys.'' i said.

''no bye!'' i said as i ran upstairs.

''okay. i'm room 100, and it goes onto 105. you guys figure it out.'' i said.

''i'll be 101.'' harry said.

''102.'' niall said.

''103.'' zayn said.

''104.'' liam said.

''i guesss i'm 105.'' louis said.

''now you guys climb out of the window and get into my black van. i'll go through the front door so no one wonders were i am.'' i said.

''alright love.'' harry said.

they went out the window and ran into my van.

i grabbed my suitcase and i filled it with my cothes and nic-nacs and stuff.

i went downstairs.

''bye mum. bye dad.'' i said.

''bye sweetie.'' my parents said.

i went out the fron door. i put my suitcase in the trunk and i sat in the front.

''what a rush.'' i said.

we drove to the building.

i parked my van. harry grabbed my suit case.

''thanks harry.'' i said.

we went inside.

we went to he front desk.

''i'm Jade Ramona, i have 6 rooms. may i have the keys?'' i siad.

''let's see,  yes Ramona. but i am going to need some ID.'' the man behind the desk said.

i showed him my licence.

''here's the keys.'' the man said.

i handed the bys their keys. we went upstairs.

everyone went into their rooms to check them out. they all looked the same. but all the furnature was different. i put my suitcase on the couch. when you walk in, your in the living room. and behind the living room is the kitchen.  if you go to the left it's a bathroom and a bedroom. and that's all to it.

all the boys came into my flat.

''thanks for knocking.'' i said with a smile.

''it was open, and were your friends.'' liam said.

i closed the door.

i sat down on the couch. harry sat beside me. niall and liam sat in the love seat, and louis and zayn sat on the floor.

''your couch is way nicer than mine.'' harry said.

''mine has stripes.'' liam said.

i giggled.

i can't belive i just moved out. with 5 boys. that are dolls!

''so you guys know everything about me?'' i asked.

''yes. from your dream car, to your favroite food.'' harry said.

''wow.'' i said.

''this is awesome.'' i said.

''what?'' niall asked.

''having friends like you guys.'' i said.

''aww thanks boo!'' louis said.

i laughed.

i can't belive this. i have 5 friends now. and their all cute boys!

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