One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


10. Water Park + Go Karting

Jade's POV

so we alrived at the water park. we just found our spot. we agreed to meet back at the spot at 4. i take off my over top. all the guys are stairing.

"Take a picture it will last longer!" i say.

"haha very funny." harry says.

"so i'm going on the big one first, what about you guys?" i asked.

(oh and guys, i forgot to mention, in this storey zayn can swim.. okay? okay.)

"me!" louis said.

"okay come on louis it can be just me and you." i say.

then Niall says."i'll do it too."

"okay it will be just the 3 of us." i say.

"i'm coming." liam says.

"okay just the four of us." i say.

"i'll be wating at the bottem to see if you need mouth to mouth. i am a life guard you know." harry says.

i roll my eyes with a smile.

"how about we all do it?" i ask.

"sure." everyone agrees.

we walk to the top of the highest water slide. it's 2 slides.

"me and louis will go first!" i say.

i go on the right one and louis goes on the left. we start going down when i can hear louis yell "THE WATER IS COLD!"

i laugh. i beat louis at the bottom.

"HAHA in your face!" i say to louis.

"oh i'm going to get your for that!" he says.

"what are you gonna do? throw me in the water?" i joke.

"maybe i will!" louis says.

i scream and swim away.

but louis has cornered me.

he throws me over his shoulder.

"louis were are you taking me?" i say as we come out of the water.

louis walks over to the hot tub.

"a hot tub? i thought you were gonna throw me in the pool." i say.

"one, we were IN the pool, and two, i'll get you back later." louis says.

i go into the hot tub. louis follows. about 2 minutes later all the boys arive and come in the hot tub with us.

"this is so nice and warm." i say closing my eyes.

"PAY BACK TIME!" louis yells and he throws me over his shoulder.

"wait what?" i say.

louis goes back over to the pool.

"no louis, if you throw me in the water will be 1000 times colder!" i say.

"i know." louis says.

louis throws me in the water it's freezing because i was just in the hot tub.

"oh i'm going to get you for that." i say.

i notice harry is behind louis.

"what are you gonna do?" louis says.

"nothing." i say.

i nod at Harry and harry pushes louis into the water.

i start laughing as louis screams "COLD!"
all the boys jump in as well.

the life guard announced "The pool is closing in 5 minutes!"

"aww we just got here like 1 hour ago." louis wines.

"oh well let's just go home. we can do something fun at my flat." i suggest.

"or we can go Go- Karting." harry says.

"i've never been go- karting before." i say.

"we can all race!" zayn says.

we all agree as we get back into our clothes and drive over to the Go- Karts.

"so the Go- Karts are in pairs of twos." harry says reading the sign.

"i'm going with Harry!" louis yells.

"i'll go with niall!" zayn says. niall grunts.

"i guess that leaves you and me." liam says.

"can i drive since i've never done it before?" i ask.

"sure." liam says.

Harry goes and buys tickets.

we all get in. we put on our seatbelts and our helmets.

"Nervous?" liam asked me.

"little bit." i say.

"3 2 1 GO!" the person says.

we all go. harry and louis cute me and liam off.

"HEY!" i scream.

"SLOW POKES!" i can hear louis scream.

harry and louis are in the lead then it's niall and zayn.

"Come on we need to beat them!" liam says.

"i have an idea." i say.

"what is it?" liam asks.

"you'll see." i say with an evil smile.

our cart goes beside zayn and niall's. niall is driving.

"Hey niall!" i yell.

niall quickly looks over at me and smiles.

"do you want to hangout later?" i ask.

"how is this going to get us in the lead?" laim whispers.

"shh." i wisper.

"sure, were?" niall asks.

"hmmm... how about...... OOPS SORRY WERE IN FRONT OF YOU TALK LATER BYE!" i say as i quickly cut niall and zayn off because niall was destracted.

"HEY!" i could hear niall and zayn says.

"Nice." liam says.

now we are right behind Louis and Harry.

"i have another idea.." i say.

i look in louis and harry's cart. harry is driving.

i drive beside theres.

"hey harry!" is ay.

harry looks over.

"you wanna do something later?" i say in a sexy voice.

Harry smiles still looking at me, but since he isn;t watching the roah he misses the turn and bumps into the pilons.

me and liam take the lead.

"HEY!" i could hear harry say.


me and liam laugh as we cross the finish line.

"WOO!" i scream.

me and liam get out. i high five him and we hug.

"LOSERS!" me and liam shout at the same time.

"best 2 outta 3?" louis says.

"your on!" i say.

"who's going with who?" liam asks.

"i'm going with Jade." harry says in a sexy voice.

"no your not!" i say.

everyone laughs..

"i'll go with jade." niall says.

"sure." i say.

louis and liam go in a kart together with louis driving, and harry and zayn go with zayn driving.

me and niall get in our kart. we put on our seat belts and helmets.

"are you driving or am i?" niall asks.

"whatever you want." i say with a smile.

"do you want to drive?" niall asks.

"sure." i say.

i get in the drivers side.

" 3 2 1 GO!" the person yells again.

we all race again and me and niall win.

louis keeps askig for a re match so we race about 5 more times. i win everyone.

"FINE! one more race but i'm with JADE!" louis says.

i laugh because he knows if he goes with me he will win, so i purpusly lose.

"HEY! you did that on purpuse!" louis says.

"maybe.. maybe not." i say with a smile.

"Let's race again." louis says.



Hey guys! i love your characters so far! keep adding characters, and remember, you can always enter more then one character. it's just a better chance for one of your characters to win. anyways, the reads are going up! were not at 150 reads yet so the compition is still on! good luck!


Love, 1DKissYou


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