One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


3. news about the school

Jade's POV

The boys and i, were having the best time. then my phone went off. i answered it.

''hello.'' i said.

''hello, this is Mr.Handsworth, the school principal at Wilson High. i am just here to inform all students that there has been a terrible acident, the school has caught fire, and the records are gone. we ask that every student body in grade 12 come to the Wilson middle school gym tomorrow, were we will be holding graduations. everyone  will be rewarded with a scolarship to Wilson University as a sorry for the accident. thank you for attending Wilson High. we wish you a happy future.''

it was a voice note. i hung up.

''tomorrow?" i said aloud.

''what?" harry asked.

''i have to get a dress for tomorrow, the graduation is tomorrow!" i said.

''let's go out and buy a dress then!" liam said.

i grabbed my wallet and we all got in the car. i don't know why the boys wanted to come, but they did. we went to the 'Haliey's Dress Store.' all the boys sat on the couches outside of my changroom and i got 10 different dresses i liked. i would put them on, walk out of the changroom and show the boys and see if they like it. i know they are boys but they didn't seem to mind. Louis seemed happy to do it. i grabbed my ten dresses and went into the changeroom. i put on the first dress. it was long, form fitting and a dark purple. it was lovely. it went to the ground. it was a spaggetti strap one. i looked at myself in the mirrior. it looked so pretty. i walked out of the changeroom to hear 'oohs' and 'ahhs'

"you look so beautiful Jade.'' Harry said.

"thanks Harry.'' i said.

"i don't like the colour purple. if it were a lighter purple then i would like it.'' Louis said.

i rolled my eyes with s smile. all the other boys didn't say anything. i went back into the changeroom. i put it in the 'no.' pile. i put on the next dress. it was tight at the top and flowed at the weighst part. it was a light blue. it had white lining were the dress started to flow. the dress went to my knees. it was a short sleeve. i walked out of the change room. all the boys said 'no' at thee same time. i walked back into the changroom. i thought it made my eyes pop. i put it in the 'no' pile. i tried on the next dress. it was pinky-orange and it was strapless. it has dimonds along the top. (not real dimonds) and the dress started flowing right under the breast part. it went just above my knee. i really liked it. i walked out of the changeroom. all the boys staired at me. they all said 'yes.' i smiled as i went back into the changeroom. i made a yes pile. i looked at the other dressed. i didn't really like then execpt for this light pink one. it was form fiting and it went to my feet, and it was a long sleeve. it was low cut. it had a built in belt at the weighst part. the belt was mad of dimonds (not real dimonds) i put it on and walked out of the changeroom. everyone said 'yes' but louis.

''well i got all yes' and i really liked it too, so i guess i'm going with the other one.'' i said.

i got to the counter and payed for the dress. it was $600. i got matching shoes to. after we got all that we went back to my flat. i put my dress and shoes into the closet. all the boys went to their flats. i went into the bedroom. i fell asleep right away.



(hey guys sorry this chapter was so short.)

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