One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


5. Invited to a.... Party?

Jade's POV

The boys all went to get their drivers tests done. so i was just here by myself. then i hear a knock at my door. i open it to see Kathey.

"Hey Kathey.." i said.

"Hi. Your Jade right? Well i'm here to invite you to my party. i know your not the most popular person but i'm inviting the whole school." She said.

"How nice." i said as she handed my a card. i opened it. it had the party times and everything. it started at 6pm. it ended whenever.

"Thanks." i said.

"Don't get use to getting invited to my partys." she said as she left.

i looked at the time. it was 4. i looked at the invite. it was nice but casual wear. i went into my room. the boys said they will be a couple hours. after their drivers test they said they were going to Nandos. so they shouldn't be back for a while. i put on my blue jeans and my pink hollister top. i put on my black toms. i went into the bathroom. i did my hair and makeup. i had curled my hair. i put on makeup. i don't usally wear makeup. i put on cover up, eyeliner, mascara, fake eyelashes, smokey eyeshadow, pink blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and i used an eyebrow pencil. i looked really pretty. i didn't over-do it with the makeup either. i looked at the time. it was 6. i went outside and got into my car. i looked at the adress. 28 pine street. i drove there. it was a giant house. it had tons of people in it too. the music was so loud i heard it from in my car. i parked my car on the road and i went inside. i was huge on the inside too. there were tons of people. most of them drunk already.  i don't drink. then i thought, who am i going to hangout with? i don't have any friends. then Mandy came up to me.

"Hey Jard." she said with a beer in her hand. she was clearly drunk.

"Jade." i said.

"Whateves!" she said as she walked away.

i then decided since i don't drink and i don't have any friends this party wouldn't be fun for me. i was about to leave when someone started talking to me.

"Hey wait! why are you leaving?" they said.

i turned around. i saw Ed Sheeran.

"Oh my god, your Ed Sheeran!" i said.

"Yup." he said in his cute accent.

"You probably don't want to talk to me." i said.

"What? why?" eh asked.

"Let's just say i'm not the most popular around.'' i said.

"I don't care." he said.

"Really?" i asked him.

"Yes. do you want to come in, maybe have a drink?" he asked.

"I don't drink." i said.

"Me neither." he said.

i smiled.

i went over to him. he grabbed my hand.

we went into the kitchen were there were less people.

"I never got your name love." he said.

"Jade. Jade Ramona." i said.

"Thats a lovely name." he said.

"Thanks." i said blushing.

"Then Kathey came down the stairs running and yelling, "EVERYONE OUT MY PARENTS ARE COMMING HOME!"

everyone scattered. i was getting pushed around. i got pushed so hard i fell to the ground.

Ed helped me up.

"Thanks." i said.

"Can i have your number, so we can hangout again?" he said.

"Sure." i said.

i told him my number and he gave me his.

"Do you need a drive home?" he asked.

"No thanks. i have a car." i said.

"Alright. see you soon." he said.

i walked into my car. i can't belive i just met Ed Sheeran. and he wanted my number so we could hnagout again. EKKK! Fangirl moment! i drove home. i saw tthere were 5 new cars parked outside. i smiled. i went upstairs. i got into my flat. as soon as i got in, all the boys apeared. they came in. we all sat on the couch.

"Why are you looking so pretty with makeup and all that?" Harry said.

"I was invited to a party belive it or not." i said.

"Really?" Harry asked.

"And guess who i met?" i said.

"Who?'' they asked.

"Ed Sheeran!" i said.

"is that the ginger haired boywere you had like 5 posters of him in room room?" Louis asked.

"Yes!" i said.

"Wow." Niall said.

"Well i'm going to take off all this makeup and get unto my PJs." i sai as i went into my room. i took off all the makeup. then i got into my red PJ bottoms and my black tank top. i brushed my hair out.  it was still a little bit wavy. i went into my living room. all the boys were in their PJs. then lousi said.

"Movie night?"

"Sure.'' i said.

we all got out seats. on the couch was Harry, Louis, Zayn. and on the floor was Liam, Me, Niall. we started the movie when my phone went off.

"Sorry" i said as i turned the ringer off. lousi put on the movie.. i looked at the message  it was from ed.

 E= Ed J= Jade.

E- Hey;)

J- Hii!

E- What are you up too?

J- Watching  a movie.

E- By yourself?

J- With my friends! :)

E- Thought you said you had no friends;)

J- I only have 5. and they don't go to my school. well my old high school. just graduated. i have been friends with them for like 2 weeks? not even?

E- Boys or Girls?

J- All boys.

E-ohh i see ;)

J- Your so perverted. their FRIENDS.

E- You sure?;)

J- I have known then for about 2 weeks, so FAR, their friends;)

E- Haha. Well i'll leave you to your movie with your 'FRIENDS'

i rolled my eyes with a smile at ed's last message.

"turn your phone off.'' Louis said.

"Alright." i said as i put it away.

i looked at Niall. he was reading my convo with Ed this whole time.

"Really Niall?" i wispered to him with a smile.

he smirked. then we went back to watching the movie. i hadden't been paying attention. turns out we were watching Smurfs.

"Really?" i asked.

"What?" Louis said with a smile.

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