One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


4. Graduation

Jade's POV

i had my dress on, with the matching heels. i put on a smokey eye and fake eyelashes. i had on pink lipstick. i had my hair curled and to the side. the School anounced that after the grad there would be a dance and anyone is invited, even people not from the school. so the boys got tuxs to go to the dance afterwards. they were gonna see me graduate too. the boys got seats in the very front row. my parents were in the second row beause the boys took up all the seats in the front row. all the graduates were aganced the wall. the Principal said a few words, and the Mayor was there to give us our deplomas. i was near the end of the line because my last name started with an R. they started calling names.

''Layla Abeek'' they called.

Layla went up and got her depolama, and they took a few pictures and she walked down at sat in the 'Graduates.' spot.

''Brett Andrews.'' they called.

Brett went up. he was one of the cute populars. he got his deploma and got a few pictures and went down. he joined Layla in the 'Graduates' spot.

it went on and on. i was getting more and more excited. next thing i knew the person before me went up.

''Megan Raaymon.'' they called. she went up, got her depolama and they got a few pictures and went down. i looked at the boys. all of they had camaras. i looked at my mom and dad, they had camaras too.

''Jade Ramona.'' they called.

i was smiling so much. i went up, got my deploma and got a few pictures taken, and i went into the 'Graduates' spot. that was awesome. all the boys were smiling at me. so were my parents.

as soon as everyone got their deplomas everyone got a blue hat with the string thing on it.

''everyone turn your strings from 'left', to 'right.'" the mayor said.

everyone did as told.

''Congradulations Grade 12 Graduates of 2013!" the mayor said.

everyone threw their hat up in the air and screamed.

the graduation was over. all the parents adn friends had to wait in the lobby. i went into the lobby and i hugged my parents. my mom and dad were crying.

''i'm so proud!" my mom said.

''thank you, i love you guys!" i said.

after i said goodbye to my parents they went home and the boys came up to me. i smiled big and hugged them all.

''Congrats!" they all said.

''well the dance is in the gym and it starts right after the graduation so lets go!'' i said with a big smile.

we all went into the gym. when we came in the song 'when your ready come and get it' was playing. we all found a table. the boys put their jackets down because it was so hot in here. Jamie came up to me.

''your here with Jade?" she asked the boys.

''yes.'' they said.

''why? she's such a dorky loser, why would anyone come to the dance with Jade?" Jamie said.

''the question is, why are you calling Jade things you are?" harry said.

Harry and Louis High fived.

Jamie just walked away,

''thanks guys.'' i said.

we all sat down. a slow song called ''it's the climb'' came on.

Kelly came up to our table. she looked at Harry.

''would you like to dance?" she asked him.

Harry looked at me.

''what Harry? it's a dance, i'm not going to tell you what to do, have fun!" i said with a smile.

so harry went off and danced with Kelly.

''you guys can go and as girls to dance too if you want.'' i said.

''i see a pretty girl, i'll ask her.'' Zayn said taking off to ask Madison.

louis and Niall went off to the dance floor to find someone to dance with.

''arn't you going to go?" i asked Liam.

''i am going to ask a beautiful girl to dance.'' he said.

''alright.'' i said looking down at my feet.

''would you like to dance?" Liam asked me.

i looked at him and smiled.

''i would.'' i said with a smile back.

we went to the dance floor and started slow dancing.

after a few minutes the song ''Boyfriend.'' came on.

all the girls screamed 'JUSTIN BIEBER!'

"i'm guessing justin bieber is one of those 'ladys man' popular singers?" liam said.

''yes.'' i said.

''do you like him?" Liam said.

''no.'' i said.

''want to go sit down?" he asked,

''as much as i dislike justin beiber, let's dance!" i said. me and Liam started Dancing.

after that song Liam and I went back to sit down. Louis and Niall were sitting at our table.

''hey i thought you guys were dancing.'' i said.

''we were, but then we came to sit down because it was to sweaty on the dancefloor.'' louis said.

''agreed'' Niall, Liam, and I said at the same time.

''thanks again for coming guys.'' i said.

''no problem. we having fun.'' Niall said.

''the dance ends at midnight right?" Liam said.

"yup.'' i said.

Liam looked at his watch.

"we only have an our left.'' Liam said.

''wow times flys.'' i said.

"this song was requested by Harry Styles, and he wants me to say 'this song is for someone special, because i remember they said this was one of their favorite songs'" the DJ said.

then the song 'Here's To Never Growing Up' came on. i remember i said it was one of my favorite songs. i smiled and Harry came up to me.

''Would you like to dance?" he asked me.

"i would Love to.'' i said.

me and Harry went to the dance floor. we started dancing.

''who did you dance with before?" i asked.

''no one. i went looking for a beautiful girl, but no one compairs to you.'' Harry said,

''Awww thanks Harry.'' i said.

me and Harry kept dancing. then when the song ended we went to sit back down.

Harry went to the bathroom, and Liam and Louis weren't there. it was just Niall.

''Hey Niall.'' i said.

''I'm thristy.'' i said.

''want me to go get some punch?" niall asked.

''yes please.'' i said.

Niall went off to the snack and drink table. he came back a minute later with two cups. he gave me one.

''thank you.'' i said.

''your welcome.'' Niall said.

Niall drank his drink and i drank mine. the song 'payphone' came on.

"would you like to dance?" niall said looking at me and smiling.

''yes.'' i said.

we went to the dance floor and started dancing. once the song was over the DJ announced that it was midnight and the party was over. time went bye fast. me and the boys went into my van. i drove. the boys were going to get their drivers tests tomorrow. once we all went home we all got into our PJs. all the boys came into my flat. we decided to wtch a movie. we watched 'Radio Rebel.'

"i like her beenie.'' Harry said.

''don't you have one just like that?" i asked.

''yup.'' he said laughing.

once the movie was over it was 2am. i was getting kind of tired.

''let's play truth or dare.'' Louis said.

we all agreed and sat in a circle on the floor.

"Niall Truth or Dare?" Louis said.

"Truth.'' Niall said.

''is it true that... you really love food?" Louis said.

"yes and you know that.'' Niall said.

''i know, i couldn't think of one.'' Louis said.

''Jade truth or-" niall said.

i couldn't hear the rest because i had fell asleep on the floor. i was that tired. i had so much fun graduating and dancing at the dance, but it takes a lot out of you.

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