One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


11. Dating Site Dare

Hey guys! before i start this chapter i want to thank you guys SO much! we are almost at 150 reads! this is awesome! and i want to thank you guys so much for all the characters, i saw some really original ones that i LOVE! i wish i could put you all in the story, but there sadly can only be one winner, and i can't put a bunch of new characters, it would be too hard. anyways, i'm sorry i haven't wrote in a couple days. anyways, here's the chapter! i love you guys!

Jade's POV

i wake up to a scream. i get up and walk into the room were i heard it come from; the living room. i walk into the living room to see all the boys.

"how comes i always wake up and see you guys in my living room?" i ask.

"because, it's fun here." liam says.

"alright, i'm just going to get dressed and i'll be right back." i say as i walk back into my bedroom. i brush my hair and teeth and then i change into my jean shorts and my yellow tank top. i put on my DCs and i put on my makeup i always wear. then i put my hair into a pony tail. once i am happy with the way i look i walk back into the living room. i see all the boys sitting on the living room floor in a circle.

"Do i wanna know?" i ask.

"were playing Dare or Dare." niall says.

"dare or dare?" i ask confused.

i sat down in the circle with them.

"yes, since we were so bored, we were wondering what we wanted to do, louis said truth or dare, but everyone said no becausee, that get's boring after a while, so we are doing dare or dare." liam says.

"what is it?" i ask.

"it's like truth or dare but no truth." niall says.

"Alright i'll play." i say.

"Jade dare or dare?" louis asks me.

"hmm, i don't know that's a toughy, maybe... dare?" i ask with a laugh.

"aww i wanted you to pick dare." louis says.

"anyways, i dare you too.... get some carrots and nutella and dip the carrot in the nutella and eat it." louis says.

"i hate nutella." i say.

"you have to do the dare." louis says.

"ugh, fine." i say as i grab some carrots and some nutella. i dip a carrot in some nutella i gag at the smell of nutella. i don't know what about it that i hate but i just hate it. i eat it. it's gross.

"this is gross! i'm getting some water!" i say putting away the nutella and carrots. i grab a glass of water and drink it. then i go back and sit with the boys.

"alright, it's your turn Jade." louis says.

"hmm... liam... dare or dare?" i say.

"dare." liam says.

"i dare you too.... get some icing and smoosh it in Harrys face." i say with a laugh.

"alright!" liam says grabbing some icing.

"wait WHAT?" harry says.

harry gets up. zayn and niall grab harry so he can't run.

liam grabbs the icing and smooshs it into harrys face and hair. it's all over hair hair and face.

i start laughing.


"IM SORRY BOO!" louis says.

harry comes up to me and says, "why would you dare liam to do this?"

i laugh, " don't worry styles, you look cute with icing all over your face." i say.

i take some icing off harrys face and put it in my mouth.

"yummy." i say as i sit back down. harry quickly goes and washes the icing out of his hair and face. when he comes back his hair is all slicked back from water.

"liam your turn." louis says.

"harry, dare or dare?" liam asks.

"dare." harry says.

"i dare you to sign up for a dating site, and go on a date with a girl." liam says.

"alright." Harry says.

i go and get my laptop. i go on a dating site. i start signing harry up.

"name?" i say.

"you know my name." harry says.

i type in Harry Styles.

"age?" i say.

"again you know this." harry says.

i type in 18.

"and now a picture." i say.

"take one." harry says.

i take a picture from my laptop. i show harry.

'' dang i look sexy!" harry says.

i laugh and press send.

"now chat away!" i say giving him my laptop.

"wanna just hangout now?" zayn asks.

"sure." we all agree.

"i just set up a date!" harry says.

"already?" i ask.

"yes." harry says.

"wow that was fast." i say.

"we are going to the nearby starbucks at 10 tomorrow." harry says.

"okat then!'' i say.

"what do you guys want to do?" niall asks.

"TRUTH OR DARE!" louis says.

"NO!" we all say.

"well then." louis says crossing his arms.

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