One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


8. A/N

Hey guys! it's just me, 1DKissYou. sorry if you thought this was a chapter. i know what you gusy think of A/Ns, you hate them, but, this one is important! well i think it's important. so, if i reach 150 reads i will do a contest for a new character! maybe they will be one of the boy's girlfriends? or maybe they can be someone evil? or maybe they can be someone who become's friends with Jade? it's whatever YOU guys want. so, if you could PLEASE help me out and get me to 150 reads, then you can comment your character.

Note: you need to put the character's Name, Age, Personality, and what they look like.

2 Note: once i get to 150, i will be reading EVERY single character you guys comment, you can make more then one character so it's a better chance your character can be in it, but i will be looking for ORIGINALITY  in the characters. but remember, i will add the character once i get to 150 reads.

i love you guys! <3

P.S, i should have a name for you guys, i name for the readers/ fans, also comment an idea, and again i will pick one out of those. it has to be original! because i love originality! <3

P.S.S, i love you guys! <3,

oh wait i said that already... oh well! <3 <3 :) :)

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