One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


12. 150 reads!

HI GUYS!!! finally at 150 reads!!! now i have read ALL of the comments and i LOVE all the characters! it was hard narrowing it down..! i want to say, i was stuck between 2 characters forever thats why i didn't update earlier! i have picked the character! and there was one special character i loved that i will put in the story later!

now the character that one is................................................ *DRUM ROLL*

Jazzeh101 !!!!!

this is what their character was:

You pick the name. 18, brown straight hair that layered and bottem layer is neon blue. light blue eyes and great smile. energetic and likes to yell random things at strangers. likes skittles. likes limes. thinks the colour white is boring so every peice of white clothing is splattered with paint or drawn on with sharpies. is a great singer but chooses to sing bad because its more fun. wants to date harry niall or zayn.


now the character i want to put in is by iluvlarrystylinson3,

im not going to tell you their character because i want it to be a SUPRISE!

anyways, that you ALL for putting in characters, and i'm SO sorry if i didn't pick your character. i really am. now i'll stop typing this and get on with the next chapter.



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