In the Moment (E3 One Shot)

Sick and tired of being tossed around and cheated on, you break up with your boyfriend Keaton Stromberg. But things only make a turn for the worst, nothing goes as planned.


9. Dubiety

     You stopped in the doorway and turned to Keaton meeting his teary eyes with yours.

"Why should I stay Keaton? Give me a reason. I'm running out of excuses to stay now."

      Keaton hesitated at a loss of words, he didn't know what to say. You shook your head wiping away your tears. Wesley walked in and sat beside Drew watching the drama with a front row seat. The commotion in the hallways was silenced as everybody was watching and listening to you both now.

"I was done with you and I left you and now you've started all of this, this stupid attention shit and I feel trapped now. I hate you. I hate you so much Keaton. You screwed other girl Keaton. You did whatever you wanted to do and now you have to face the consequences and that's something you don't want to do. Am I right?"

     Keaton looked down and you could have sworn he nodded his head a bit but you weren't completely sure. He looked back up more tears falling down his cheeks and you continued.

"I'm sick and I'm tired of your stupid games. If you're not gonna treat me the right way then I'm sure as hell not going to stick around by your side and be treated like the shit you think I am!" You were in tears now barely able to speak. You took a breath and continued speaking strong "I'm more than just some toy for you to play with. And I wasn't always like that to you now was I? We actually had something really good in the beginning. But now, now we're just holding onto something that isn't there. We are gasping for dry air and praying for something to hold on to when there's nothing. What I want to do is walk out of here and move on so I can find something that lasts. But if I were to leave you would do something stupid like this again and I don't want you to."

     Keaton was sobbing now. He had his face buried in his hands crying loudly. Tears fell from between his fingers.

"I'm sorry. Please. No." 

    You shook your head as more tears fell from your own eyes. You couldn't bare this any longer, you turned and walked out of the room. Keaton eagerly began to tips the tubes from his body in order to get out of the bed. Wesley and Drew ran over and held him down

"No Keaton, just let her go." Drew said softly holding him down.

     With a wild shake of his head, Keaton broke free from their strong hold and started to chase after you down the halls. He had never felt so sorry for anything like this in his entire life, but he knew it was going to take a lot more than words to prove this to you. You turned to see him chasing after you. You watched as doctors stopped him only a few yards away from you.

"NO NO NO NO NO!" Keaton screamed while violently struggling to get free again. He was carried back into his room.

     You slid down the wall sitting on the hospital floor as you began to cry hard. You didn't know what to do anymore.

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