In the Moment (E3 One Shot)

Sick and tired of being tossed around and cheated on, you break up with your boyfriend Keaton Stromberg. But things only make a turn for the worst, nothing goes as planned.


8. Discussion

    Drew got to the hospital as fast as he could once he had heard the news. He ran by Wesley and into Keaton's room to find him fast asleep under the covers.

"Damn Keaton, you're a mess."  He shook his head a bit "I should have known, I should have seen the signs, I should've understood them. Now look at you. You're so broken Keaton."

    Drew sat down upon the chair closest to Keaton's bed as he peered over at the lump that was concealed under the covers.

"I wish I could've been there for you bro. That wasn't very hashtag team inspire of me."

     Drew chuckled a bit but returning to seriousness once he realized he was the only one laughing. He listened to the outside drowning out the loud screams of Wesley on the phone. This place was filled with nothing but bad vibes. Even Drew fell victim to the eerie, uneasy feeling the room gave off. The feeling got worse as he was disturbed by the sound of heels steeping into the room. He slowly looked up to see you standing in the doorway. You looked from drew to Keaton who still laid in his bed. You could tell he wasn't really sleeping. You knew that when Keaton slept he breathed slowly and steadily, now he was breathing fast with uneven heaves of his chest. You pretended not to notice and turned back to Drew.

"This is all my fault." You said your voice soft and your expression looking guilty.

     Drew shook his head.

"No hun it's not, he did this to himself. He put himself here." he looked into your eyes.

     You began to cry.

"But I was his reason! His motive! I broke his heart and he, and he broke himself."

     The tears burned your cheeks as they fell. Your eyes were already blood shot because you had been crying earlier tonight. Drew pulled you gently to his lap and dried your tears.

"(Y/n), you did what you had to do. What you felt was right. Keaton just, Keaton didn't react in the right way. I guess he has bad coping issues or something. But give it time and he will learn how to move on and.."

    You shook your head and interrupted him.

"I made a mistake. Letting him go was wrong. I love him but I, I can't find it in me to forgive him. He hurt me Drew."

    Drew nodded his head.

"When I look at this from my point of view I actually like what I see. You know me, I haven't had a girlfriend. I never found love and I don't think I ever will. I envy what you two have here. You guys are the true form of love. Love is never perfect. Love can really hurt sometimes. But in the end, when you think you've reached your limits. you just find yourself even more In love with that one person. But then again this is me talking. I don't know love. I'm not familiar with it."

     You always knew Drew as the guy of wisdom. He always knew just what to say. You looked to the bed Keaton laid in and exhaled slowly.

"I think I need time. I don't think I should've come." you said standing up. 

     You weren't ready to forgive him yet. You weren't sure if you wanted to be with him anymore. You began to walk to the door and reached for the knob. Keaton sprung up. 

"No, please. Stay." He pleaded looking at you with tear filled eyes.

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