In the Moment (E3 One Shot)

Sick and tired of being tossed around and cheated on, you break up with your boyfriend Keaton Stromberg. But things only make a turn for the worst, nothing goes as planned.


3. Depressed

     Keaton waited anxiously for your reply. He gnawed at his nails watching the three dotted bubble on the bottom left corner of his screen. That little white text bubble held his future. That little white bubble would soon bring him heartbreak or relief. He could only hope for the best. 

     His message had brought you to tears. As much as you wanted to let him back in and forgive him with a second chance, deep down inside you knew what you had to do.  You let your heart do the thinking and you typed in what you truly felt. 

"Keaton, I love you and I will forever remain true to my statement. But I cannot forgive you for what you did to me. You lied to me, Keaton. This whole time I was nothing but a silly game to you. I can put up with so many things, you know how understanding and passive I am. But the one thing I cannot let by is that you cheated on me. I no longer trust you, Keaton. And it is impossible for not just me, but for anyone to be in a relationship with someone they cannot trust. I do believe you when you say that you love me and that you will change, but the thing is, Keaton, I shouldn't have to wait. When you are ready I am sure that you will be a better man and you will change, but that will have to be for somebody other than me. Please stop texting me. Please just let this be goodbye." 

    Keaton read your message struggling halfway to look past his tears. He cried tsunamis out of his eyes, he was broken. His sobs filled his once silent room with despair and helplessness. He had messed up. He had ruined the best thing he had ever had because of his stupidity and his impulsive urges.   He had made love to another woman. But what they made wasn't love at all, all they made was a mistake, a drunken mistake. He thought he had scored when he took the older woman to his room, but in the long run he had lost the one thing he had ever wanted. This was all of his fault. 

Is she crying? She has to be.

     Keaton pictured you, his broken hearted love, with makeup running down your beautiful face mixed in with each tear you cried. And each and every one of those tears that streamed down your once happy face was all due to him. Keaton could no longer stand the emptiness of the bed he laid in. He stood up and made his way to the bathroom. A nice shower might relax him.

     The warm water that hit his back as he stood under the shower-head relaxed his tense muscles, but he still could feel the throbbing sorrow that stood where his heart once did. He stepped out of the shower to meet his refection in the mirror across from him. He looked away not able to handle the monster he saw of himself to be. He put on his boxers and nothing more looking up to meet the stare of his reflection yet again. He cleared the steam from the mirror and cringed at the sight. 

Dirtbag. Liar. Idiot. Douche. Moron. You don't deserve to breathe.

     The line kept repeating itself in his mind. Keaton hated himself for what he had done to you. He screwed up. He was a screw-up.  The anger built up inside of him boiling to the maximum capacity and causing him to clench his fist. His body became tense yet again. He had to stop the voices. He slammed his fist into the mirror watching as it shattered to his feet. The broken glass left cuts sparsely spread about his knuckle. He watched as the blood oozed out of each cut. Oddly enough the bleeding did not hurt, it seemed to ease the pain he felt inside. 

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