Over Again

Things started to get better for her but one little mistake made her life a living hell. Battling with a disorder. Neglected by her mother. Whose father raped her is now in search for her. Constant criticism at school by people who once were her friends. Can a boy mend her broken heart and give her a fresh start.


5. She's Broken

"my name is Harry." He smiled "nice too meet you. Sorry what you just saw I'm having a tough day but thank you for your kind words." "it was all truth. I honestly don't know what happened but don't worry about them they're just jealous." "umm thanks i guess." Wow why was he being so nice he barely met me and I'm ordinary nothing special. "so are you from around here?" "no I'm from a small city about 2 hours away from here its called Rialto." "oh that's nice well I'm playing here tonight with my band." "yeah i recognized you from one direction" "oh well we don't play until 7 would you like to show me around Los Angeles?" He asked "well to be honest i don't even know much of L.A." "oh come on it'll be fun! We'll explore together! But first lets grab a bite I'm starving" He pleas "ooh umm ok" i reluctantly agreed. Although it was my first time purging it felt, good. I felt light. And eating doesn't seem too appealing. But I'll eat and go throw it up again. How did i not think of this before! "wait Harry my bus leaves in a few hours and i live far from here I'm sorry i can't." "how does this sound? We grab some food, explore the city, and go back to the staples center. You can watch us perform and we'll take you back home." I was doubtful but what the hell who gets to meet one direction?! "sounds great, let me get my bag!" I ran to the warm up area to get my stuff and boy was it heavy! "alright lets go." I managed too say with the little breath i had. As the gentleman he is he took my sports bag and carried it. I felt comfortable around him it felt like I've known him forever. I know its gonna be a good day! "Kendall how does in n out sound?" "whatever is fine." "in n out it is! I came yesterday with the boys and lets just say i think I'm in love." "you're such a weirdo Harry!" I chuckled "hey can you blame me?! They're great burgers. So what are you gonna eat?" "um a water and fries please." His eyes widened "what?! " i questioned "you are not eating so little you're getting a burger fries and a shake!" He demanded "hi can i get two large burgers, two large fries and two large chocolate shakes." He glanced at me with a smirk. "make one of each a small please" i interrupted He rolled his eyes but gave in. "alrighty that well be $33.59" Harry handed him the money as he motioned me to find us a table. Harry POV thank God she said yes! I thought i was out of her league. I really like her ages different than the others. But i can tell deep down she's broken. I hope i can mend her broke heart. But why did she not want to eat? I wonder what happened at the cheer competition. I'll get too the bottom of this
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