Over Again

Things started to get better for her but one little mistake made her life a living hell. Battling with a disorder. Neglected by her mother. Whose father raped her is now in search for her. Constant criticism at school by people who once were her friends. Can a boy mend her broken heart and give her a fresh start.


3. Pressure

Its 4th period which is physics and i have no idea what they're talking about something about waves i think. What i do know is that today is the longest day ever!! I'm still having a hard time with our disqualification at the competition i have a lot to make up. Lets just hope the team understands.... *practice* "Alright team we have a lot too discuss since the competition and that accident" said Alyssa as she sent me death glares "Kendall what happened out there??" Alyssa questioned "i don't know.... I did it right!!" "hmm. Are you sure?" "positive, look i know I'm the reason were not going to nationals and i understand if you're upset and I'll mend my mistakes." "kendall, perhaps your problem isn't being a flyer but something else..." Alyssa whispered as she looked at my stomach Who knows what she was trying to say but i know i did it right maybe it was just the bases who didn't do it right. "look Kendall lets make it plain and simple if you don't get it together, you'll have to find another clique" "what do you mean?!" I snapped "you can't be a cheerleader if you're not perfect!!" "I'll get it right i promise!" "better." She snarled *phone ringing* "hello" Alyssa said clearly annoyed "are you sure??" "ooh my gosh thank you so much we won't disappoint you i can assure you that. Ok see you there!" Everyone was confused in alyssa's excitement considering the fact we just lost our chances for nationals. "you guys that was the judges and they said one of the teams were disqualified for using pain killers." The whole team cheered and jumped in unison. I was nervous and anxious since the pressure was on more than ever. "start practicing the routine while i make some calls!" Alyssa demanded for some reason i didn't buy her excuse she has something planned. She had that mischievous look on her face i hope it doesn't affect us. Alyssa.POV Kendall has no idea what is ahead of her. When she least expects i will embarrass her just like she did at the semi finals. I'm positive she fell because of her weight. I bet the bases couldn't catch her cause of how heavy she was. The bitch has gained some pounds. Who am i kidding?! its more than some!! This will help me embarrass her even more. That cow will pay.
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