Over Again

Things started to get better for her but one little mistake made her life a living hell. Battling with a disorder. Neglected by her mother. Whose father raped her is now in search for her. Constant criticism at school by people who once were her friends. Can a boy mend her broken heart and give her a fresh start.


4. My Name Is....

*3 weeks later* Its the day of nationals I'm so excited!! They're taking place at the staples center again but we have been warned too exit immediately since some band will perform later on that night. I pray everything will go good. I put on my uniform but notice it fits somewhat tight not too tight but not as lose as it use to. I need to lay off of the Starbucks and ice cream. And exercise a lot more. Finally we arrive at the the staples center its about 11:20 our performance is at 12:00 we begin to stretch and warm up and practice some of the routine. The guide approaches us and tells us were up next. My stomach fills with butterflies I'm so nervous. I do a quick mental prayer but soon interrupted by Alyssa pulling me towards the team Alyssa POV " Kendall at the semi finals you embarrassed us with your failure now its your turn to experience that!" She had a confused look on her face, stupid naive Bitch. Kendall POV "team come here!" Alyssa ordered "Kendall here is off the team! She deserves this for that little act she put on at semi finals and her weight has gone up like crazy!!! You're not competing with us. You ride back home with us on the bus but when we go to school you are not sitting with us you will not talk to us. You're fat now! You don't belong!" I can feel my eyes forming with tears. My face is red from both fury and embarrassment. She's right I'm fat. I gained weight like crazy. "you're right" i croaked as i ran out to the front gate bawling my eyes out. To my luck there was no one out there i sat on a bench and thought about everything that happened in a matter of minutes. I look around me and i see a trashcan. There was my hope. No mater how much i didn't want to do it, i had to, its my only way out. I ran to the trashcan and shoved two fingers down my throat and then comes the vomit. Then i feel a hand on my back. I remain frozen shocked that someone just witnessed my mental breakdown. I fall to the ground not wanting to look into their eyes feeling ashamed of what i did. "love what are you doing? You don't have to do that you're not fat! You're perfect just the way you are." He said in a thick British accent. I still haven't dared to look at him. "what's your name beautiful?" "Kendall." he extended out his hand signaling me to get up. But then i looked at him and it was him i couldn't believe it, it was him! "lovely name, my name is..."
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