Over Again

Things started to get better for her but one little mistake made her life a living hell. Battling with a disorder. Neglected by her mother. Whose father raped her is now in search for her. Constant criticism at school by people who once were her friends. Can a boy mend her broken heart and give her a fresh start.


1. First Day

Oh my god! Its 7:15 am I'm gonna be late!! Great I'm late on the first day, what an impression... I throw on a white laced top and navy shorts with my black and white converse. Its simple but effective with the boys. I run into my Ford F-150 trying to make it into school on time. Yes i have a truck as a car. I don't know why myself but they're fast and i love velocity plus it has an amazing sound system. I pull in to the school parking lot barely making on time. I walk into the office since i still need my schedule for the school year. I can tell its gonna be a good year i have cheer again this year thank God i made the team. Its my third year in it and i love it plus none of my friends have moved so i wont be alone. I'm interrupted from my thoughts by the bell. First period i have Art. Great. "class i would like for us to begin this Year by introducing yourselves to everyone. Young lady do you mind starting us off?" She says directing her gaze towards me. "Umm yeah sure. My name is Kendall Smith I'm 16 i love music such as one direction, Chris brown, Beyonce and Ed Sheeran etc i also love dancing and I'm on the cheer team!" I yelled a bit too excited "nice to meet you Kendall!" The class chimed in unison I sat down as the rest of the class introduced themselves. i dozed off thinking about cheer practice this afternoon. I can't wait!!!! *that afternoon* Finally practice! I ran into the gym meeting up with my three best friends; Karen, Amanda, and Brenda. Karen is the party girl she goes out every night and doesn't take for granted her fake Id. Amanda is the book worm in the group, she's always studying and had straight a's but don't let that fool you she can get down on the dance floor. Last but not least we have Brenda she's the multi talented one she can dances like a pro she's in marching band, she also has a fantastic taste in fashion and her singing skills are amazing. She's the real deal. Did i mention she wants to be a high fashion model that's something we have in common. "Alright you guys lets get started on this years choreography our song will be..... International love by pitbull ft. Chris brown!" Our cheer captain, Alyssa yelled enthusiastically. We all cheered and clapped satisfied with our theme song. "Alright don't just stand there start running we have a lot of work!!!" She scolded This is gonna be an interesting year....
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