New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!



Serena’s P.O.V


I woke up alone, Niall was gone and I was in my room. I got up and put on,

I went down stairs to the kitchen and the boys were all sitting eating pancakes. “Serena there are some pancakes on a plate for you if you want them.” Lou said. “No thanks, I’m not hungry. Oh and what are you guys doing today?” I ask curious. “Um we have an interview today, but mine and Lou’s girl friends are coming over later you could go to the mall with them and get a new out fit for your date tomorrow.” Zayn said and I blushed a deep shade of red. “K, that will be cool to meet some girls.” I said happily.


*At the mall*


“Ok, so the boys said they would meet me at the food court.” I said to myself. Walk to the food court and look around, I can’t see them. “Where are they.” I said to myself before being raped in a hug from behind.  “Hi, Serena I’m Eleanor. And this is Perrie.” Eleanor said once letting go. I put my had out give Perrie a hand shake but she just pushes past and gives me a hug as well. “Ok since we got that over with, LEGGO SHOPPING. I have to get a new outfit for my date.” I said over excited. The girls gasp. “What?” I asked. “Witch one are you going on a date with?” the girls ask. “Niall.” “OMG! Yay, so I guess that’s the boys wanted us to come and meet you here and not at the house.” Perrie replied. “Yep.” I said popping the p. We went to a few different shops and found accessories but we could find the perfect outfit so we headed home.


When we got there dad was in the front room. “Hey dad.” I said and the girls gasped. I guess the boys did tell them. “How was your trip?” I ask. “Good cupcake.” Dad said coming over giving me a hug and kiss on the forehead. “Hi girls.” Dad said to Eleanor and Perrie. “Hi.” They said in union. “Anyway sorry but we have to take serena and get her ready for her date tonight.” Eleanor said. “What date? Who with? Do I know him? Did he get my permission first?” dad said all at once. “Ok, so um I’m having a date tonight, yes you know the boy, its Niall, I don’t know if he got you r permission and if he didn’t it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t need it to ask me out on a date dad.” I said covering all the questions. “Ok fine ill let you go and by the way yes they do.” He said as I was walking way with the girls. “What ever dad. But I’m glad your letting me go cause I would have one way or another.” I shout from the top of the stairs.


We walk into my bedroom and the girl’s mouths go wide open. I show them around my room like the bathroom, the wardrobe, the study, the make-up/beauty area and the secret quiet room. They start to go thought my wardrobe while I put my nail polish on. “Hey girls found anything yet?” I asked curiously. “Yep, will show you in a second just getting the hair, make-up and accessories ready.” Eleanor shouted from the bathroom. I finish my nails and they’re all dry when the girls came out with a smile on their faces. “So can I get ready now?” I ask impatiently. “Yep, hair first.” Perrie said with a smile. Once we were done with my hair they did my make-up and then I got dressed. We had 10 minutes to spare so I could just relax. We decide because Naill’s favorite color is blue and it looks really good on me that I would have a blue colored theme. “Ok so we will go down and see were the boys are. Then we will call you and make sure that they are in the front area before that. Then just before you make your big entrance we will say you boys better sit down. Then you will walk in and their jaws will drop to the ground and bellow. Then we will know you are ready. Also Louis will properly sass you or fake faint.” Eleanor said very pleased with herself and what she did to me. But I wasn’t complaining I loved it.


So then the girls and me went to the top of the stairs. The girls left and I waited. About 5 minutes pasted and Perrie came and got me. I was just around the corner. “Ok, guys you might want to take a seat because you might faint.” Eleanor said. “Ok, Serena you may come in now.” Perrie said and I entered the room.

The girls had wanted me to die my hair so the tips were blue and I agreed because I liked the look of it plus I had wanted to do it forever. I walk around the corner and everyone’s eyes are popped out and jaws have hit the floor. I look at dad and he’s smiling. I walk over to his and give him a hug and he gives me a kiss on the forehead. I turn around and look at Louis and he faints into Eleanor’s arms so Eleanor decides to drop him. And he lands on his ass. We all crack up laughing. “Louis not around your girlfriend we don’t want her knowing about as I said so everyone could hear and they crack up laughing even harder. “Louis you’re cheating on me.” Eleanor said angrily then walks over to me and fake cries on my shoulder. “It’s ok El, he just wasn’t the man for you. I’m so sorry ill go and kick his ass.” I said trying to make her fell better. I walk over to Louis and kick him in the butt. “OUCH! Why did you do that?” Lou asked hurt. “It was for El.” I said sticking my tounge out at him. El then walks over to Lou and hugs him. “AWW. You two are so cute together.” I say, and then someone comes up behind me and yells “BOO” I turn around and it’s Harry. I just stay how I am. “Harry I don’t get scared easy.” I say like it’s a fact he should know. “ What about when we were watching paranormally activity 4.” Harry said like he knows everything. “Actually I was just cold and wanted to cuddle up to someone and I could feel Niall’s warm body so I pretended to be scared. And it was really hard not to laugh during it. I’m surprised you didn’t notice me giggling in Niall’s cheats.” I say sassy. “Oh. Ok.” Harry said defeated. “Anyway we have dinner reservations and we have to leave if we want to keep them.” Niall said. “Ok bye everyone.” I said and gave dad a hug bye and he whispered. “Behave and be back bye 11.” “I will and maybe.” I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. And went over to Niall.


A/N: Hey my little potatoes sorry I haven’t updated its because my brother did something to the internet and it stuffed up then when I tried to update it wouldn’t let me. AHHHHHH it is sooooooo annoying. Sorry again my little potatoes. Love ya’s












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