New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!



Serena's P.O.V


After about 10 minutes i finally made it to Starbucks. i got to the front of the line and look up.

"Oh My Abbi." i say with my jaw dropped, right in front of me is my childhood best friend that i haven't seen since i got taken away. Her family wanted to adopted me but because they already had 4 kids and because i thought i should just get away from everything and everyone i did end up staying with them. suddenly i here a squeal that takes me out of my thoughts.

"Oh My Serena." she says then runs around and gives me a hug and i hug back.

"What are you doing in London Abbi? and get mi vanilla frap peasant." i say in the most posh tone i can.

"Sure thang mi lady and i moved here last year, but the real question is what are you doing here?" Abbi asks.

"Well, i got adopted by this lovely man and he lives here, but I'm not saying anything else about that till you come and sit down with me, also you are taking the rest of the day off and spending it with me and helping me prank some people." i say while she hands me my drink and adds a triple choc chip muffin with it. she knows me to well.

"cant i need the money and you are still up to your usual pranks what did they do to make you want to prank them." Abbi said/asked sadly.

"Is your manager here?" i ask

"yep, why? and you didn't answer my question" Abbi replies

"Can i speak to your manager?" i ask and Abbi nods her head yes.

she shows me to a hall way and leads me right down to the end and she knocks on a door.

"Come in" a voice says.

we walk in and there is a man in about his late 20's sitting behind a desk.

"hey rick, Serena wanted to talk to you." Abbi says and walks out

"hi how ma i help you love?" he asks and gestures for me to sit down.

"Well i would like you to give Abbi the day off because we were best friends when we were young we were like sisters, and this is the first time i've seen her since i was taken away to an orphanage when i was 8 because my dad died from cancer and my mum committed suicide and i would love to hang out with her please." i said getting tiers in my eyes thinking about my parents.

"Ok, but only because Abbi is like a daughter to me and she has mentioned you before, so i understand." he said and i jump up.

"thank you, thank you, thank you." i say walking out to tell Abbi.

"Heyy mrs. Delonge, your boss said you have the day off." i said shrugging my shoulders. and in case you didn't know me and Abbi had nick names for each other she was mrs. Delonge after her and her mums favourite band member from blink-182 Tom Delonge and mine was clumsy because i'm sooo clumsy.

"Oh so you begged my boss to give me the day off didn't you?" Abbi asked

"Maybe." i said looking at my shoes smiling like an idiot.

"Fine but let me get changed." Abbi said and left.

5 minutes later she came back wearing


"OMG, i love it, and we definitely have the same kind of style you have to see my wardrobe." i say excitedly.

"Well maybe later you could show me and also you have to visit my parents some time soon they would love to see you." Abbi says while were walking out.

"Of course and btw i'm paying for today since my dad gave me a credit card plus there is thousands on it and i want to treat you cause i miss you and your just like my sister, cause you know what they say we were made to best friends cause our parents wouldn't be able to handle us as sisters."i say and Abbi nods her head 'yes'.

"Fine but only cause i know i'm not going to win." Abbi says defeated.

After 10 minutes of skating and walking we get to the nail and massage place and go in.

(My nails)

(Abbi's nails)


then we went to the hair dresses to get new hair styles.

(my new hair just like Perrie's)

(Abbi's new hair just like Cher Lloyd)

After that it was lunch time so we decided to go to mac D's Abbi got a Big Mac with large chips, diet coke, and a sunday and i got a chicken burger with large chips, frozen coke and a sunday. once we were finished we went to the tattoo parlour.

(my tattoos)

This tattoo represents my old dad because when he died it didn't kill me like it killed my mum, i got though it and it made me stronger. And because it was mine and my dad's fav song and every time i visited him before i left i would sing him it and a week before he died i did a concert at the hospital and that was my closing song and i dedicated it to my dad.

This tattoo is for my old mum. My mum is my forever young angle, she will watch over me and be forever young. She had me when she was only 20 but i wasn't a mistake, i was meant to be. i have it on the back of my neck so when ever i face down and my hair is to the side or up she can see it and know i'm thinking of her dad and night and she will always be in my heart.

This tattoo shows my love for music. as simple as that and that after my parents died music was my life.

This represents new beginnings and my life now. and it is 


(Abbi's and mine tattoos)

This tattoo me and Abbi both got on our right hands. We always said we would get matching tattoos, although back then we thought we would get baby looney tunes characters on our bodies somewhere, but we got this on because it shows our lives. the play, pause, rewind, fast forward, shuffle, and how you can fast forward of rewind life, you cant just pause life or shuffle every thing up. you have to just keep playing life one song at a time.


(Abbi's tattoo)

Abbi got this cause it is Blink-182's symbol, and she wanted something that would represent her love.


After we got the tattoos we went to get some new piercings. Once we got there i decided to get my second up the top and third on the bottom. i also got my belly done and i got a nose ring.

And Abbi got a turtle at the top of her ear and her thirds at the bottom as well. She also got to piercings on her lip.



After we were done there, we went to the shops so i could get the things i needed to get so i could prank the boys. After i got everything we went clothes shopping and i got

And Abbi got

After buying some stuff we decided to go back to my place. While we were walking we past a ice cream shop.

"STOP!" i shout and Abbi freezes.

"What?" Abbi turns around in panic.

"i want to get ice cream" i say like i'm a 5 year old.

"Oh My Serena i thought there was something wrong." Abbi says relieved.

"There is something wrong, its my stomach its hungry for ice cream." i say and walk into the ice cream shop. The bell thing dings. i walk up to the counter with Abbi following behind me.

"Hi how may i help you today love." a lady in her 60's asks me.

"Um, could i please get two double scoop cones one with bubble gum and choc fudge please and what do you want Abbi." i say/ask.

"And can i have cookies'n'cream and choc mint please." Abbi asked.

"ok here you go that will be $10 dollars please." the lady said and i handed her the money.

"Ok lets go i want to get home now and give you a grand tour." i say while walking out with my ice cream.

10 minutes later

"do you want to ride the board or am i?" i ask Abbi while i finish my ice cream.

"bagsy" Abbi shouts and jumps on my penny board.

After another 5 minutes we made it to the front gates. i press the buzz thing and Jarod answered.

"yes how may i help you?" he asked

"Open the gates Jarod and are the boys home?" say/asked

"Ok and no they are at an interview. Also your dad wants to talk to you he had a meeting earlier when he wanted to see you so he wants to see you now." Jarod says while the gates are opening.

"k be there soon." i say while grabbing the penny board from Abbi.

"Come on your meeting my dad." i say while dragging Abbi by the arm to the house.

"WOW you dad must be rich." Abbi says once she sees the house

"He is simon cowell and we do have one direction staying with us so yeah you kind of need the room." i say and Abbi just shrugs. thats what i love about Abbi if i say something like that she wont go all crazy she's just like 'ok' 'cool' 'whatever'.

We go up to my dads office doors and knock.

"Come in Serena." dad says

"How the hell did you know it was me dad and i would like you to meet Abbi she was my best friend before i was taken to the orphanage and she is like a sister to me." i say smiling

"Hi Mr Cowell" Abbi says waving a little.

"Hi Abbi it nice to meet you and call me Simon or Si. Ok so Serena at the start of today i wanted to talk to you for a different reason but now i need to talk to you about these photos." dad said handing me photos of us going into and out of the tattoo parlour and the piercing place.

"We had a girls day and by the way do you like my new hair?" i ask trying to change the subject but of course it didn't work.

"Yes cupcake it  looks beautiful but don't try and change the subject" Dad says

"fuck" i curse under my breath. then Abbi stomps on my foot.

"SHIT Abbi what the hell." i shout

"Don't swear." she said while laughing at my reaction.

"oh shut up" i said angry.

"Girls so why are these pictures all over the news and in magazines and news papers everywhere?" Dad asked.

"Ok fine i got some new piercings and some tats." i said

"Can i see them please?" Dad asked

"sure" i say and just as i was about to show dad the boys come barging though the door, me and Abbi put our heads down hoping they won't recognise us.

"Perrie what are you doing here?" Zayn asked and i nearly burst out laughing.

"Cher what are you doing here as well?" Harry asks Abbi and we both look at each other and fall to the ground laughing.

"Ok what the hell is going on here?" Liam asks

"CARROT PRINCESS WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR?" Lou asks while running over to me hugging me.

"i dyed it" i said in a 'duh' tone.

"Guys meet my best friend Abbi not Cher." i say while pointing over to Abbi.

"HI" Lou yells and runs over to her and hugs her. Then the rest of the boys join Lou and say hi

"Sorry bout them Mrs Delonge" i say laughing while trying to do my best posh voice.

"Oh it ok clumsy." She said laughing.

Now all the boys are looking confused by our names.

"Its our nicknames mines clumsy and hers is Mrs Delonge. Long story not explaining." i say

"Ok since that is done cupcake and i see where you got pierced and tattooed today?" Dad ask and all the boys suddenly turn to me.

"what i got a few tats and piercing sew me." i say to them

"Ok so i got my belly done" i say showing my dad my belly.

"My nose and two more on my ears." i say pointing to the new ones on my ear.

"And tats i got this one on my wrist, this one behind my ear, this one on my neck, this one on my thumb." i say and start to take my shoe off.

"And last one on my foot." i say showing them.

"Why so many?" Dad asked

"Well the one on my foot is for my old dad, the one on my neck is for my old mum, the one on my wrist represents mine and Abbi's life she had the exact same on her wrist, the one on my thumb represents new life and my life with you, and the one behind my ear represents my love for music and yeah." i answer.

"Ok, that is it so you may go cupcake and it was nice to meet you Abbi." Dad say. i walk over to him and give him a kiss on the cheek and leave grabbing Abbi's hand on the way out.

"Ok i can't be fucked to give you a tour of the house so i'll just show you my bedroom." i say dragging Abbi to my room. once we got there i closed the door and locked it.


10 minutes later.


"WOW, i love your room and OMG your Wardrobe is fucking huge, and your bathroom is fit for a queen and just WOW." Abbi says after i give her the tour.

"Thanks and i know. So i want to go surfing what do you say?" i ask Abbi

"I don't have my swimming suit or board." She says sadly.

"You can borrow some of my stuff." i say while walking into my wardrobe.

I gave Abbi my pink and white pole-a-dot bikini and i put on my blank and white striped bikini.  

I grabbed to of my over sized t-shirts for after and two pairs of thongs. then went to get some towels when i heard my dad and the boys talking and my name came up.

"So uncle Si are you ok with Serena and the tats she got?" i think Liam asked

"Yeah, i just wished she had of asked me first or at least told me." Dad says and i start to fell bad that i didn't even tell him. i decide to go in.

"Hey daddy can i pwease borrow the jeep for awhile?" i ask giving him my best puppy dog face.

"Sure but where are you going?" he asked

"me and Abbi are going to go surfing like old times, and yes i know how to surf when i was 8 our dads taught us." i say before they can question me.

"Ok be back before dark cause i don't want you surfing in the dark." Dad said and i walked over and gave him and kiss on the cheek.

"Also sorry for not asking or telling you about the tattoos." i whisper in his ear.

"its ok cupcake." dad whispers back. i was just passing the boys when a hand grabbed mine.

"Serena what are those?" Niall asks pointing to my cuts on my hips and on the top of my legs.

"There cuts." i say shrugging my shoulders.

everyone gasped at me and how i shrugged my shoulders.

"When did you do that? how long have they been there? how long have you been doing it? why would you do it? please tell us what happened." were all the questions getting thrown at me by the boy and my dad, then Abbi runs in and hugs me. when she lets go she is giving me the 'explain-everything-or-else' look, i sign.

"ok, well before dad adopted me i was adopted by this man, i was about 9 and 1/2 when he adopted me. he would call me really bad names, words kids that age shouldn't know, abuse me, burn me do all bad things to me, the only thing he never got to do to me was rape me because when he was about to the police showed up and took him away. But i used to cut the most faintest scares are from when i was about 15 because the ones when i was 10 have healed. to answer your question when did i do it?i did it from when i was 10 and about a week before dad adopted me was the last time i did it. how long have they been there, well they have been here for years. why would i do it? after 1/2 a year of abuse i started cause it felt like it released all the pain, i had even tried to kill myself a few time but thats when he started to watch me more, so i couldn't. but once i got away i kept have nightmares and still have them sometime if something happens that reminds me of it." i say with tears coming down my face. suddenly everyone is in a group hug with me in the middle.

"Well i'm going surfing to get my mind what just happened, bye dad be back later. Come on Abbi we got to go if we still want a few hours surf. bye boys" i say walking out while dragging Abbi by her arm.

15 minutes later at the beach

"Where should we put our stuff?" i asked Abbi

"How bout there." She said pointed to a spot that had perfect shade and was nice and close to the car.

"Ok well lets go put our stuff down then hit the waves i haven't surfed for a while." i say running to the spot.

Once we put our stuff down we headed for the water.

"FUCK its cold." i say when we get in the water. i forgot that its not summer or that I'm not in Australia.

"Well no duh Serena your not in Aussie anymore and it ain't summer." Abbi said in her no duh voice.

i got used to the water and once we had paddled out far enough a perfect wave came.

"i got this one Abbi." i say and start to paddle. i get up and get used to my board straight away. i did a few tricks.

"I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD BITCHES" i shout then fall off the board cause i was waving my hands around everywhere. I look up and Abbi is shredding the wave. 

"I AM THE WORLD BITCHES" Abbi shouts back then falls.

After about 2 hours it was getting dark so we headed back to shore. When we got close enough we could see that there were people sitting at our stuff. When we got there we saw the boys?

"hey what are you guys doing here and how much of that did you see?" i ask hoping they didn't see any.

"We came cause we wanted to watch you guys surf and ALL of it." Harry says smiling.

"MY fav part was when YOU shouted IM ON TOP OF THE WORLD BITCHES then Abbi shouted back I AM THE WORLD BITCHES!" Lou said laughing

"Shut up i'm already pranking you, do you want it to get worst." i said giving him a death glare which shut him up strait away.

"So what did you do to make Serena want to prank you?" Abbi asked cause i never actually told her.

"Well we woke her and Niall up the morning after their date and Lou kind of took pics of them sleeping." Harry said and Abbi started laughing.

"you guys are idiots even when she was 8 even younger if you woke her then she would give you till 3 to run and then she would prank you to get back at you and trust me once she made my hair green i woke her up. i can't wait to see what she does to you." Abbi said laughing and all the boys looked freaked

"BOO" i said and they all yelled except Niall and Abbi. Me and Abbi put the over size tops over our bikinis and Harry grabbed our bags for us while we carried the surf boards. While we were walking back everyone was in front of me and Niall. Niall grabbed my free hand and intwined our  fingers.

"You never told me you could surf." Niall whispers in my ear.

"You never asked." i say being a smart ass. Niall kissed the top of my head.

"Ok so who wants to come in the jeep?" i ask while putting the board on the roof.

Niall, Abbi and Louis put their hands up first.

"Ok so its me, Abbi, Niall and Lou." i say while getting in the drivers side.

"See you guys at the house." i say and speed off with everyone in the car.

5 minutes later

i see a Starbucks and a parking spot right in front so speed up. What none of them know is that i know how to drive really well and do a few tricks. i hit the hands brakes and make the back of the car come up, so the car is side on. i can hear Abbi scream from shock and see the boys scared as hell in the back. Still moving and the suddenly stop, parking in a perfect parallel parking.

"Come on i want some Starbucks." i say jumping out before anyone can say anything. Once i enter the shop everyone turn their heads to me. i walk up to the counter and fell an arm wrap around my waist, i look up and see Niall smiling down at me chuckling.

"What?" i ask all innocent.

"Oh nothing, just that you are a really scary driver." Niall said chuckling again.

"Well i saw that spot and i really wanted some Starbucks." i say shrugging my shoulders.

"Next please" the guy at the counter said.

"Hi could i get 2 coffee fraps and 2 double choc chip fraps please." i say.

"Sure babe." he says with a wink and i crack up laughing.

"You seriously trying to flirt with me, i mean come on and you might need a new pick up line BABE." i say while laughing. Niall's arm thats still wrapped around me tightens.

"Here you go." the guys say sadly.

"Thanks." i say and walk away with Niall's arm still around my waist. We walk back to the car in silence.

"Here Mrs. Delonge i have a double choc chip frap for you and which one of you boys want the coffee frap?" i ask.

"Me" Niall says jumping up and down in his set.

"Ok here you go Niall and Lou you get the other double choc chip." i say handing the boys the drinks. We sit there drinking our fraps when abbi scares the shit out of me.

"Oh My Chocolate this is good." Abbi says from the back seat.

"Well are you guys finished yet i ask?" i ask wanting to get back home.

i heard 3 'yeps' so i speed off. 5 minutes later.

"Serena slow down please." Lou begs for the thousandth time.

"fine but when we get back i'm doing something special just for you." i say in and evil voice.

5 minutes later we arrive at the drive way.

"So is everyone buckled up?" i ask

"Yer why?" Abbi asks

"Because i just wanted to know." i say all innocently. once we were in front of the house i decided to show them how to park a car my way. i made the car do a donut the hit the hand breaks and slide in place. i look at everyone in the car and their all holding onto something for dear life, i just giggle, grab the 2 bags and get out.

"Hey boys" i say while walking up to the front door. they all have their mouths open and staring at me or the car. i walk past them.

"Close your mouths it doesn't look pretty." i say laughing.

"i turn around and see Abbi walking though the door, Niall and Lou are now standing with the other boys staring at me like i'm a ghost or something.

"take a picture it last longer" i say and walk away with Abbi to my room.

"Ok i going to get changed and have a shower." i say going into my walk in wardrobe.

"K, i'm going to have on after you." Abbi answers.

i pick out

i hop in the bathroom and lock the door. I decide to have a quick shower.

6 minutes later

"Done what do you think." i ask Abbi spinning around.

"Love it, now in going to have a shower." Abbi say getting up.

"Oh FYI tell me when your done so i can give you some clothes in going to pick out for you." i say walking into my wardrobe.

10 minutes later

"Done Serena can i have the clothes now?" Abbi asks.

"yeah here you go" i say handing her

"I'm hungry can we get something to eat?" i whine.

"Your always hungry even as a little kid you were." Abbi says getting up. We go to the kitchen and see everyone even my dad at the table.

"Hey guys, hey dad did no one think to come and get me theres food?" i ask putting my hand over my heart and frowning.

"Sorry cupcake but there is plenty for you and Abbi to have." Dad said

"No thanks me and Abbi going to have a pizza movie night like old times so dw." i say.

"Can we join?" the lad all ask in union

"Nope girls only and dad came we please us the theatre all night by our selves?" i ask dad hopefully.

"Sure cupcake and here is some money for the pizzas." Dad say handing me some money. i give him a kiss on the cheek and leave with Abbi. i call the pizza place.

"Hi can i please have 1 large cheese pizza, 1 large meat lovers pizza, 1 large margarita pizza, 1 large Hawaiian pizza and 2 garlic breads." i ask the guy.

"yep is that all and pick up or delivery?" he asks

"thats it and delivery the address is *insert Address*" i say.

"ok it will be there in 20 minutes, have a good night" he says and hangs up.

"So pizza will be here in 20 and there is a popcorn machine, drinks, lollies, and other stuff in the theatre so lets wait in the front lounge room for the pizzas." i say to Abbi. We go to the front lounge and all the boys are there.

"hey" me and Abbi say at the same time. The boys just ignore us.

"What eves." say sitting down.

20 minutes later

*Ding Dong*

"Pizzas here Abbi." i say getting up and going to the door.

"hi here are your pizzas, 1 large cheese pizza, 1 large meat lovers pizza, 1 large margarita pizza, 1 large Hawaiian pizza and 2 garlic breads. That will be $27.50 thanks" he said. i gave him the money and he handed me the pizzas

"Thank you" i said while closing the door.

"Abbi help me" i shout and Abbi comes running in to me in a panic.

"Whats wrong?" she ask looking around franticly.

"This shit is heavy" i say while she takes 1 pizza and the garlic breads. i walk into the front lounge and the boys and dad are there.

"We will be in the theatre if you need us don't need us." i say. While they are all starring.

"What i'm hungry i like food, and Abbi come here." i said and Abbi walked in still holding the other pizza and garlic bread.

"What Serena?" Abbi asked

"Why are the boys starring at me?" i whine

"maybe because you have 3 boxes of large pizzas in your hands" Abbi says

"oh yer any way bye dad see you tomorrow, bye boys" i say leaving the room with Abbi next to me.

"So lets get in pjs them we can have our movie/pizza marathon." i say putting the pizzas in the theatre.

10 minutes later i was wearing a batman onesie and Abbi was wearing a superman onesie. We always have themes todays is super hero pjs and disney movies.

Movie play list:

Toy Story

Toy Story 2

Toy Story 3

Finding Nemo

Lilo And Stitch

Lilo And Stitch 2

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc university



Cars 2

101 Dalmatians


The Lion King

Peter Pan

Even though we would probably fall asleep in the middle of one.

9 hours later we were up to monsters inc university and its about 3:30am.

"Abbi wake up we got to set the pranks" i say while smirking.

"But its too early." She says while rubbing her eyes.

"thats why cause they wont be up." i say
































































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