New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!



Okay before you start reading this I'd like to say hello !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Lauren the new co-owner to this amazing book so anyway please leave me feed back on how I do :P seeya!

Hey its Serena i would like to say this was done by the talented, amazayn Lauren. hope you like it i do.

Back to Lauren!!!


Serena's POV

*continuing from last chapter*

I said my good byes and went to Niall grasping his hand he smiled a little nervously

"Ready?" He asked softly walking out the door I nodded slowly a little unsure I was nervous myself!

"C'mon I'm starving!!" I said trying to lighten the nervous mood he smiled his oh so cute little irish grin and walked to the car laughing.. He opened the door acting all posh

"Mi lady" I did a little curtsy giggling

"Why thank you sir" I said getting in the car he laughed closing the door and jogging to the other side hopping in and starting to drive

"So.. Niall where's this restraunt  your taking me to?" I asked poking his shoulder he laughed again

"It's a small Italian restraunt I went to a couple times." He said I nodded the wrest of the car ride was filled with laughter and talking . I really do like niall a lot I can talk to him without feeling awkward its amazing.. he's amazing

*at restraunt*

Niall pulled up to this small little shack kinda building it was quit pretty actually white stone with black little fence railing and a rose vine bush thing on either side of the door I smiled niall wrapped my arm around his and we headed inside we went to the man standing at the little stool thing to sign off our arrival

"Name?" He asked smiling

"Horan, Niall Horan"

"ahh Mr. Horan right this way!" The man said escourting us to the back towards the kitchen?

"Niall.. why is he taking us to the kitchen?" I whispered to Niall he chuckled and looked at me only then did I realise his eyes sparkled like the sea on a stary night with  full moon I smiled at him. The man lead us through the kitchen and stopped at the back door

"This is where I leave have a splendid evening your waiter or waitress should be here soon" he said warmly me and niall nodded the man walked away back through the path we where walking in

"C'mon Ni" I said about to reach for the handle but Niall quickly grabbed my hand shaking his head I looked at him in confusment what was he doing?

"You can't walk out...with out this" he said lifting a blind fold I started giggling and turning around as he put it on

"What you gonna do kidnap me"

"Ha ha very funny watch your step" He said I felt around till he grabbed both my hands sending tingles through my body then guiding me where to walk then suddenly I couldn't feel his hands anymore I walked around in a circle waving my arms around

"Niall Where'd you go?!" I said in a panic

"Serena I'm here" he said I turned around following his voice

"You can take of the blindfold dummy" he said I started laughing I slowly pulled down the blindfold to reveal a smiling Niall with candles around him we were in a beautiful little garden and lanterns as well I gasped my eyes starting to water of the sight.. (see in pic)

"Ni.... it's beautiful" I whispered he came over and kissed my cheek before whispering

"Not as beautiful as you.." I slapped his shoulder playfully and sat down not long and a tall skinny blonde girl with big breast and a cake of make up on comes out as soon as she see's niall she stops quickly looks in the reflection of the window and the turns around twirling her hair ready to be slutty I raised my eye brow at her Niall couldn't see cause she was behind him but I sure as hell can!

"Hi... I'm Lucy and I'll be your server tonight" she said in a 'seductive' tone rubbing Nialls arm this time it was his turn to raise his eye brow I sat back and crossed my arms looking at the girl

"And I'm Niall.. this is my DATE Serena" he said pointing the word date out I chuckled under my breath she laughed and twirled her hair

"Your sooo funny!" she said this made me laugh she turned around and glared at me then she opened a can of sass.. she obviously don't know me!

"WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHIN AT" she said in a snobby town doing all this body language

"Are you talkin to me" I asked looking at her sitting up straight she did a scoff noise then continued

"Obviously" she stated I smirked

"I'm sorry.. I was just looking at a bimbo with obviously fake boobs that cant catch a boyfriend for more than a week cause she cheats on them wheres a whole crap load of make up and sucks at flirting" I said she looked at me then I saw niall cover his mouth trying to muffle his laugh

"I'm a professional with make up unlike you.. it looks like you fell over and went with the look!" she said I stood up from my seat

"Says you!" I said back

"Ha! sweety  I look better than you any day" She said crossing her arms I just crossed my arms as well and stepped closer

"You don't scare me..." I said

"Wasn't trying to" she said back  I smirked

"Oh! I thought you where you know trying to look like a clown and all" I said this made niall laugh she turned to him then back to me

"I'm the clown ha ha funny says you that dress's like one!" this made me chuckle

"at least I don't wear a small towel as a dress everyday" I said Niall then stood setting me down

"can we please just order?!" He asked I sighed and nelt in my seat the waitress just flicked her hair at me then nodded

"I'll have the steak and potatoes.. Serena what do you want?" he asked I looked at the menu and the first thing I saw was a chicken salad I shrugged then said

"I'd like a chicken salad please " the waitress wrote down what we wanted and walked away

"That was quit a lot of sass you had their Serena"

"Thanks Niall"

"I mean it ya know she was really bad at come backs" This made me chuckle a few minutes later she came back with our meals

"Thanks " I said sickening sweetly she just glared at me then turned to niall here we go again

"So... After your finish with this biatch want to go on a real date with me?" she asked bending over so her breast where clear view niall just looked her in the eyes blankly

"Sorry I don't appreciate you talking like that about my date" he said eating some potatoe I just poked at my food enjoying her failer

"Oh please this probably wont work out.. come on stop fiddling with the little girls come to me you look like you need a new women" She said leaning closer he grabbed her shoulders and moved her back a bit

"No thank you I like where I am with girls I don't need a women" he said cutting some steak and eating it she huffed in frustration and stormed off I started laughing and clapping

"Well done Niall well done" He smiled and did a little bow I started laughing again and enjoyed my dinner..

*20 mins later*

After having a chat letting our dinner go down Niall said we should order some desert I agree'd he offered to share a piece of cake I smiled nodding but it faded when the same bimbo walked out this time she had made her top come down more

"is that all for tonight sir" she said batting her eye lashes that were also caked with mascara

"Uhm yes can we please a slice of the double choc mud cake please?" he asked smiling at her she twirled her hair.. this chick never learns

"Sure brb" she said a slapped my forehead niall just laughed then an idea popped in my head.... this should be good

"Niall if she flirts one more time I swear to god." I said taking a sip of my lemonade he chuckled

"If she does we will leave how's that?" he asked I nodded gracefully then the waitress came

"here's your cake... anything else?" she asked her back to me I just glared at her head niall shook his head and said thank you all she did was nod then stand there we at a little of the cake five minutes passing by and yet she was still there

"Can I help you with something?" Niall asked looking at her she smirked and pushed his chair out sitting on his lap he tried pushing her off but she clung onto his neck

"Yeah.. ditch her and have some real fun with me"

"No tha-" I cut niall off this is time for my plane

"Excuse me?" I said she turned to me

"Lucy right?" I asked she nodded and did a fake smile

"Uhm listen sorry about before I was really out of line.." I said she stood up and crossed her arms

"It's okay"

"Uhm could you get me some water then we can talk?" I asked she nodded and started walking away I mouthed to niall to get up he stood up and looked at me questionly I smirked then grabbed the plate of cake and put it behind my back walking up to lucy

"Uhm lucy" I said she turned around and looked at me

"Uhm I just wanted to say you have a little smodge of lipstick.. let me get it for you" I said she smiled and leant forward so I could get it I swinged my arm around and smashed the cake onto her face she screamed I heard Niall laughing in the back ground I cupped her mouth shut

"Stop screaming love... you still look the same!' I said laughing quickly grabbing nialls hand and running out the restraunt we heard her yelling at her boss talking about us we ran about a bloke laughing then we stopped to catch our breath Niall was still laughing he then wrapped his arm around me and we started walking down the street to somewhere

"Literally the best date I have ever had" he said laughing I smiled and pecked his cheek"

"I had fun to!" I said smiling he laughed and kissed my temple we started heading to home...


*not finished*

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