New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!



Name: Serena Paris Young.


Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny but not to skinny, tanned, tall but not to tall.

Personality: shy when you meet her, bubbly, nice, kind, silly, creative, giggly, caring, happy, funny and ticklish.

Parents: Logan Young and Wendy Young.

Fav Color: Pink.

Fav movie: Don't have one.

Fav food: Anything but seafood.

Fav Song: little things, a team, last first kiss, naturally, who says and a few others.

Fav Musician: One Direction, little mix, Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomaz, and Adele.

Hobbies: singing, karate, drawing,  roller-skating, skate boarding, surfing, playing guitar (electric and acoustic)/bass, piano and drums.

Best friend/s: Amber.

A/N: should i continue of not idk its my first fanfic so tell me need feed back.

love you my little patatos

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