From life to darkness

I'm going to enter this in a 100 words competition and this is the story I want to enter...

Please comment! I really appreciate when people comment on my work so I know what I should carry on doing and should change. You (by commenting) really helps me getting that step closer to becoming my dream, an famous, published author!
Thank you!


1. From life to darkness

"Where am I?" I exclaimed; as I got trapped. Not trapped as in restrained, trapped as in there's no getting out. I shut my eyes and blocked off my feelings and anger as I remembered how I got here. It was that teensy door. That was the devil that brought me here. I remerged to reality. "Brilliant!" I thought sarcastically to myself. “Why was I so stu........?" Then I paused. A man was watching, he attacked! I left the previous environment but entered a horrific world, a nightmare! A nightmare where I can never die.

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