The Magic of Transylvania

Lucy Periwett is an ordinary girl, well at least she thinks so, but that will shortly change: Lucy is about to enter a magical world, find a sister and become her true self, and it all begins on her 12th birthday when she enters her new home in Transylvania 2 years after her parents' tragic death.


1. Transylvania

Chapter 1

Lucy arrived at a huge, creepy, old house like in the horror movies she had watched. Mr Flyne, looked at her Cheerily and gave her an encouraging nudge whispered "

on." And hopped back into the car he felt utterly relieved, now he didn't have to look after that troublemaker, Lucy. She had gone through so many guardians after her parents died in that car crash two years ago. But he wasn't sure if Transylvania was the best place to leave her at least if any of those stories were true, he might not get her back alive, which in some cases was a good thing.
Lucy walked up to the mansion as slow as possible, she just hoped she could wake up a bit faster because she knew this was a nightmare, it just had to be, she was in Transylvania! But then she was at the steps and something was urging her up them. She was at the door now, her fingers went unwillingly towards the door knocker.
She ran down the stairs as soon as she had knocked.
As soon as he had dropped Lucy off Mr Flyne drove away in his little, rundown car. He was much happier now Lucy couldn't bother him, he was already more than a kilometre away and jet he already  felt lighter. But for Lucy it felt much different.
Five minutes later at the mansion the door opened and out came a tall elegant man he looked how someone might imagine someone Evil and slightly vampire like. He had slick, oily, black hair combed back neatly and tied in a small ponytail, he had pale skin and his teeth weren't too well assembled in his mouth and looked a bit strange. But the thing that really looked strange was that he was hurriedly putting on a cape.Quickly Lucy stumbled "Er, sorry sir I must be at the wrong house, sorry." And she started to lug her heavy bag away, "No, you're Lucy Perriwet aren't you?" He said calmly
"Yes, I am." She said
"Well, come in, come in, not that we should be out now there's a full moon out." He said "By the way I'm Mr. Alistor Spooks and I'm adopting you because you are my old best friend's daughter and I've heard you've been getting in a bit of trouble lately." Now Lucy was focused again she realised that she was in a hall way with dark grey walls full of different sized portraits of people who were probably already very old or even dead. "Would you like some tea or should I show you strait to your room?" Asked Mr. Spooks "strait to my room, please." Lucy said, she didn't want to spend too much time with someone who looked like a vampire, especially in Transylvania. 

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