The Magic of Transylvania

Lucy Periwett is an ordinary girl, well at least she thinks so, but that will shortly change: Lucy is about to enter a magical world, find a sister and become her true self, and it all begins on her 12th birthday when she enters her new home in Transylvania 2 years after her parents' tragic death.


6. The midnight snack

Chapter 6

The midnight snack


 Dan, wasn't quite sure if he was sleeping or awake. He was just staring at the ceiling. When he heard his stomach, making funny sounds, he was sure! He was awake. And hungry. 

 He stood up and walked down to the kitchen. He couldn't stop thinking, about Lucy. Some how he had a crush on her. But he was also confused, because he didn't know if he liked her or Eloise. He didn't know Lucy that well. He was afraid, that he actually liked Eloise, and his subconscious just told him, that he liked Lucy, because he was too big of a coward to tell her.

 When he walked into the kitchen, he walked straight over to the fridge.  When he opened it, he had to blink a couple of times so his eyes could get used to the light.

 Lucy opened her eyes  gently. Damn it! Still dark she thought. She has tried to fall asleep for what had felt like an hour. Her throat was pretty dry. She decided to go down stairs to get a glass of water, she pulled the chair back and the wall Slid down into the floor. Lucy walked a while till she found the door labelled kitchen and entered just like before.

 When she opened the door she found Dan with his head in the fridge. Lucy stiffened. She was so insecure around him. He hadn't seen her yet. She didn't know, if she was going to say something to him, or just run away. They hadn't really talked to each other, since they touched. It might sound ridiculous, that she freaked out about one touch, it was just... It felt so special. 

 "Hey Dan" she said, with a shaking voice. Dan stiffened. He panicked! He didn't know what to say. It was so awkward when they touched. He had not even spoken to her after it. He felt like a huge coward!

 Lucy started getting nervous. Why wouldn't he turn around, and look at her. Did she do something?

 "Dan?" She said with a worried voice.

Finally he turned around. He looked at her like she was... Nothing? Lucy opened her mouth to say something, but then Dan walked over to her and... Right past her? 

 When Dan walked out the door, he felt empty. "What did I just do?!" He mumbled to himself. Why didn't you speak to her, your idiot?! He thought. He didn't even make it to his room, before he already felt guilty. What had he done? He just ignored her. Let her stand in the kitchen alone! Walked right past her, like she was some sort of ghost? Oh my god, I bet she hates me now, he thought.

 Lucy was just standing in the kitchen starring at the air. Did he just walked right past me? While I was talking to him? Did he just ignored me? At one point, she was mad. He just ignored her, like she was some kind of ghost. Something that didn't exist. That's just not OK! 

 But she was also hurt. He walked right past her! We're she really that awful a person? She really thought she liked Dan, but he obviously didn't felt the same way. She was just a nuisance, he had to live with. Well fuck him she thought. I knows how to play that game, too. Now Lucy was sure. Dan was an idiot! And she was gonna show him, that he wasn't the only one who knew ow to ignore somebody. He wasn't the only one who knew how to hurt somebudy.

 She was really vindictive. And she was gonna take her revenge! He couldn't just treat her like that, and think that he's gonna get away with it! And Lucy knew that!

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