The Magic of Transylvania

Lucy Periwett is an ordinary girl, well at least she thinks so, but that will shortly change: Lucy is about to enter a magical world, find a sister and become her true self, and it all begins on her 12th birthday when she enters her new home in Transylvania 2 years after her parents' tragic death.


5. One touch

Chapter 5

One touch


The two girls walked back to the house Laughing at each others jokes. They were at the steps when:

"Hey, El!" said a voice behind them

Both Eloise and Lucy turned around so the boy got really confused "Dejavous."he said

"Hey, Dan, whats up?" Eloise asked.

"Well it's the summer holidays now so I'm staying here for a while, and by the way, hey Lucy." Dan said. Lucy looked at him, with a confused look. "How do you know who I am?" She asked curiously.

 "If you weren't  Eloise's identical twin I might not have regonised you..." He said laughing , and Lucy laughed a little over herself. Of course. 

Dan was tall with scruffy, golden hair, sky-blue eyes and a cute smile, which pretty much summed up the fact that he was, to Lucy, cute. 


They all walked inside and Lucy couldn't believe her eyes when Alistor was greeted by Dan with

the words "Hey dad.", they looked completely different in every way apart from all the common human appearances (noses, eyes, etc.). Lucy got a little nervous when she realised, she was gonna live with Dan.

"I see you've made some new friends, Lucy." Alistor said smiling

"Well, technically, a sister and a friend." Eloise said laughing.

They all laughed and walked into the kitchen for afternoon tea. Lucy didn't really like tea, but she didn't wanted to be rude. 

Actually, she really needed to talk to somebody, right now. Somebody she knew. Some budy she could ask why the hell did she have a twin? Why the hell have she never heard of Eloise? Why the hell had nobody told her?

 "Lucy?" She looked over at Dan and realised that they were talking to her. "Sorry, what?" She said, and were a little embarrassed. "My dad asked if you wanted som honey in your tea, since you ain't drinking." He said, looking at her with his big blue eyes. "No, I'm just a little tired after the trip. Sorry" Lucy lied. She was just a little freaked out, about having a freaking twin. It's not every day you get one of those....

 "Oh, that's ok. Want help with the closet?" Dan asked nicely. Lucy gave him a confused look. "The closet?" She asked. "Oh, yeah. The door can be pretty... Tricky" Alistor said. "Uhm, thanks but I think I can handle it" Lucy said, grateful for his offer. "Yeah, right" he said rolling his eyes. 

 She ignored him, to go to her room. He followed her up to her room. She walked in her room, and directly over to the closet, that she haven't noticed before now. It weren't because she needed the closet at the time, she just didn't like it when there were something people didn't think she could do. If people said she couldn't do something, she always got an urge, to prove that they were wrong.

 She grabbed the closet-door, and tried to open it, but as they warned her in the kitchen, it wouldn't open. She tried again. Dan came over to her with a big smile, and tried to take doorknob, and shortly their hands touched eitch other. He removed his hand, quickly and looked at her, with the cutest awkward smile, she had ever seen. "I got it" she said again and pulled, one more time. This time she pulled really hard, and it actually opened. "Wooow" Dan said impressed. 

 "Never underestimate a girl" she said smiling, trying to hide, that she couldn't take her thoughts of their touch. It was like an electric shock went through her body, the second they touched.

 She had never felt that way before.

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