The Magic of Transylvania

Lucy Periwett is an ordinary girl, well at least she thinks so, but that will shortly change: Lucy is about to enter a magical world, find a sister and become her true self, and it all begins on her 12th birthday when she enters her new home in Transylvania 2 years after her parents' tragic death.


4. Eloise

Chapter 4



Lucy thought this was all some prank, the sister thing, the vampire-like guardian who claimed to know her dad and all the other strange stuff. She knew that like in all those prank shows she had to go with it till the end and there wasn't really any way to escape. So at three o'clock (or approximately an hour since she found the note) she headed down past the old tombstones past the willow, and then backtracked there was someone sitting on the old bench some one who looked almost exactly the same as her.


Eloise caught a glimpse of herself about fifteen meters away from her, she had been wishing to see this for her whole life, it was her twin sister, Lucy. She didn't know what to do or what to say or anything else, but this familiar urge overtook her and she found herself running open arms ready to hug her sister like they actually knew each other and she hadn't seen Lucy in a month or a week at least, not an entire lifetime


Lucy found her mirror running up to hug her like they knew each other. She quickly sidestepped just in time and watched the girl, who must have written the note, hug the air where she was standing just seconds before.

"Ohh!" said the girl,"sorry i don't know what came over me. By the way I'm your twin Eloise and I'm guessing you're Lucy."

"Ok, the weird thing is that everyone here knows my name and I've never even heard of them although I have only met you and Alistor and he knew me strait away and I guess now I know why!"

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