seperate at birth

This stoy is about a pair of twins born in a poor area, according to the rules of their country the oldest is taken into the family of the Bern, the dictatior of their country. 2 months after their 13th birthday the Bern sends his daughter to stay with her twin for a fortnight, during this time she is shown the ropes of living off the land as a basic pharmacist; she soon discovers that things are not as fine and dandy as they seem.


3. Peace


A typical day in my world begins with a gentle shake from kit, my maid, as she brings me my fried breakfast in bed. Kit then tells me what I am doing today. 2 hours of ballet followed by 1 of piano. lunch. 4 hours of tuition, latin, mathmatics and history. From the moment I wake up I am wishing, praying for the end of the endless drone that forms the greater part of my day; I am waiting for the moment where I can escape from all these expectations. Sure I do want to rule my country as well as i possibly can, but honestly that will not be for 40 years or more; does it realy matter that much right now?

As soon as my learning is over I scramble out of my designer dress and into a pair of light trousers and top. Tripping over the brambles as I go I run down the path that was marked by centurys of bern princes and princesses sneaking off for a bit of peace. I run down to the pool,the blue pool filled with life.

I dive in, my clothes sticking to my skin, weighing me down

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