seperate at birth

This stoy is about a pair of twins born in a poor area, according to the rules of their country the oldest is taken into the family of the Bern, the dictatior of their country. 2 months after their 13th birthday the Bern sends his daughter to stay with her twin for a fortnight, during this time she is shown the ropes of living off the land as a basic pharmacist; she soon discovers that things are not as fine and dandy as they seem.


1. Introduction

Crashing through the undergrowth, trying to recall everything, anything I was told at school I sprint in a desperate attempt to escape my perusuer. If only I had remembered the one thing we were told never to do. Look back. But in my blind state of adrenaline I had done just that. One look back had both confirmed my suspicions and shoked me all the way through my scared skin, shaking my bones out of their sokets. So much worse than they told us at school, so much worse than the folk tales we are not supposed to hear, so much worse than any image conjered by my imagination.

 Just ahead of me I see a pool of light, this monster should not, would not, could not go any further than that glorious, lifesaving spot of the sun. Before I have time to register what is happening I am flying through the air, courtusy of a tree root sticking out of the ground. Thump. I land on the ground. Whilst I am recovering I feel a pinch in my back and know it is the end. Their posion works fast. However I am not given time to die before I am covered by blackness. Posined, strangled and exhausted. I die.

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