Best friends brother - A Jasper Hale love story - Twilight

Skyler just moved to forks she is shy and polite and she is 18 years old, she lives with her kind but out going 16 year old Sister Mackenzie. When Skyler and Mackenzie go to Forks high school Skyler gets a new best friend, what happens when Skyler starts to develop feelings for her best friends brother?


5. Sleepover

When we got to the Cullen's house Rose told me that there parents weren't home so we could do almost anything we wanted. Once we were inside we were greeted by the rest of the Cullens. We sat and talked about random stuff for about 20 minutes, and I met a girl named Bella she is Edwards girlfriend. Alice had an idea "lets play spin the bottle" oh no "Yeah!" Yelled Emmett gosh that guy is loud Alice got a glass bottle, and told everyone to sit on the floor, we obeyed. I have to admit that I was really nervous, Bella also looked really nervous "Bella why don't you go first" Said Alice as she handed Bella the bottle Bella spun the bottle it landed on Edward, she is lucky she gets to kiss her boyfriend and not have the awkwardness of kissing someone you wouldn't normally kiss. They kissed then Alice declared that it was my turn I took a deep breath and spun the bottle, it spun for a few seconds then it stopped it landed on Jasper. i looked up at him, he was smiling he leaned in and kissed me, I felt butterflies in my stomach, it was awesome. Then he pulled away smirking. I was so dazed about the kiss that I didn't even notice what anyone else was doing, and soon I was asleep.

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