Best friends brother - A Jasper Hale love story - Twilight

Skyler just moved to forks she is shy and polite and she is 18 years old, she lives with her kind but out going 16 year old Sister Mackenzie. When Skyler and Mackenzie go to Forks high school Skyler gets a new best friend, what happens when Skyler starts to develop feelings for her best friends brother?


1. New Life

I was searching through my boxes of cloths that I hadnt unpacked yet for somthing decent to were on my first day of school I only had 30 minutes left to find somthing to were, get dressed and do my makeup. " need some help?" Asked Kenzie (Mackenzie) as sge walked in wearing this "Yeah thanks Kenzie" I replied "I'm so nervous" Kenzie said quitly "me too but we had lots of friends at out old school and I am sure that we will make plenty of friends here" "yeah i geuss so, *gasp* WEAR THIS!!!!, Kenzie yelled exitedly Kenzie did my hair and makeup it took about 15 minutes after I looked like this Then it was time to go to school I took a deep breath got in my car and drove to school. Its time to start my new life.

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