Best friends brother - A Jasper Hale love story - Twilight

Skyler just moved to forks she is shy and polite and she is 18 years old, she lives with her kind but out going 16 year old Sister Mackenzie. When Skyler and Mackenzie go to Forks high school Skyler gets a new best friend, what happens when Skyler starts to develop feelings for her best friends brother?


2. Meeting Rosalie

As soon as me and Kenzie got out of the car we noticed everyone staring at us. We made our way to the office to get our time tables " um hi my name is Skyler Knight and this is my sister Mackenzie, we are here to get our time tables" I said to the lady at the desk "ok here you go" she said handing us each a map and a time table, since my and my sister are different ages we dont have any classes together " Thank you" I said to the lady as me and Kenzie walked into the hall way "I'll see you later Kenzie" I said  as I began to search for my first class I had reading and writting class great! I love to wright I used to right storys all the time and when I get a good book I cant put it down until I'm finished reading it. "Ok bye" Kenzie said walking away to find her classes I turned around and tried to find room 120 "excuse me but do need any help finding your way around you look lost" said a beautiful blond girl woth gold eyes asked me with a kind smile "yes that would be would be wonderful thank you" I replied  "No problem, whats your first class?" "Reading and writing in room 120" I replied "Great thats the same class I have, come on Its this way" the girl said starting to walk down the hall "I'm Rosalie by the way but you can call me Rose" "I'm Skyler but you can call me Sky, its nice to meet you" I replied "Likewise"

Soon we reached the class the teacher made me introduce myself to the class and I got to sit next to Rose. During class me and Rose talked about our familys and I told her about how me and my sister just moved here together. After class was over Rose looked at my time table it turns out that we have all of the same classes together until lunch, and I sit next to Rose in each class. Now it was finally time for lunch "Do you want to sit me and my family during lunch?" Asked Rose "Yeah that would be awesome!"

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