Best friends brother - A Jasper Hale love story - Twilight

Skyler just moved to forks she is shy and polite and she is 18 years old, she lives with her kind but out going 16 year old Sister Mackenzie. When Skyler and Mackenzie go to Forks high school Skyler gets a new best friend, what happens when Skyler starts to develop feelings for her best friends brother?


6. Crush and finding out

I woke up to Rose smiling at me "good morning" Rose said kindly "morning" I replied yawning, Rose chuckled "come on get up" Rose said pulling me up I realized that I was in Rose's room. I went in to Rose's bathroom and washed and got dressed. Then I walked down stairs to find all of the Cullens chatting in the living room "Morning" I said as I walked in to the room "morning!" They all replied. I noticed Jasper smiling at me, okay I admit I have a HUGE crush on Jasper.  A man and a woman the woman hugged me and said "hello you must be Skyler I'm Esme its lovely to meet you" she said smiling "I'm Carlise its nice to meet you" said the man "Its a pleasure to meet you both, you can call me Skyler" I sat down in between Rose and Jasper. Me and Rose talked about random stuff for a little while, then she told me that she had to tell me somthing important, the Cullens went quiet "we are all vampires, well except Bella, she is human, but don't worry we won't hurt you" Rose said quietly then they explained how Carlise and Esme adopted them and turned them in to vampires when they were about to die, and they told me that they were vegetarian vampires and about the Volturi and pretty much everything about vampires "we felt that we needed to tell you, because we think that since we are beginning to become great friends and hopfully best friends, that we shouldn't hide it from you"  "thats so awesome!!!!!!" I yelled, they looked startled and some of them chuckled "so your not scared of us?" Rose asked with hopeful eyes "not at all, you don't hust people and you know to control yourself whats to be afraid of?" I replied. We talked for a few minutes, then Rose, Alice, and Bella dragged me up to Rose's room "We have a question, you like Jasper don't you?" Rose said grinning "yes, but you can't tell anyone!" I replied they all grinned and we went down stairs to go to school. 

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